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‘Counting On’ Fans Believe James Duggar Is Courting & Here’s Why

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Is 19-year-old James Duggar courting? Counting On fans certainly seem to think so. And, why do they think he is courting? Turns out, James Duggar recently joined Instagram.

Is this a real James Duggar Instagram account?

Now, it makes sense to be skeptical. After all, it wouldn’t be hard to create an Instagram profile and pretend to be a Duggar. Currently, this account doesn’t have any content. And, it is followed by several members of the Duggar family. This includes Jana. And, Michelle and Jim Bob’s shared account. So, it is safe to assume it is a real account. Several members of the family would NOT be following a bogus account.

And, why does this make people think he is courting?

Those who follow the family of 19 Kids and Counting have always believed Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar barred them from using Instagram. At least, not until they were engaged or close to an engagement. In fact, it is extremely common for members of the Duggar family to create an Instagram account just to announce a courtship.

InTouch Weekly reminds us that Jessa Seewald attempted to debunk this theory a few years ago. She insisted it was not really a family rule. It was just more of a coincidence that many of her family joined around the same time they got engaged. Many who follow the show, however, are not buying the coincidence angle.

James Duggar Instagram

Today, we know many members of the Duggar family utilize their Instagram to make money. They also do some socializing with friends, family, and fans. This includes bantering with members of other TLC shows.

Joining Instagram doesn’t always mean a courtship.

Now, it is important to keep in mind there are members of the family who joined Instagram without a courtship. Jana Duggar, for example, is very, very single. She’s had her Instagram account for nearly two years. Jedidiah and Jeremiah, both 21-years-old, also have Instagram accounts. But, no courtship in sight. So, it is possible James Duggar joined Instagram just because he wanted to and isn’t actually courting anyone.

Still, creating an Instagram account is enough to spark rumors that James Duggar is courting. The rumors will not go away until they are confirmed or shut down. If James is courting, it is possible they are saving the confirmation for the next season of Counting On.

So, do you think James Duggar might be courting? Will we have to wait for a new season of Counting On to find out? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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