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Fans Notice Holes In Josh & Anna Duggar’s Courting Timeline

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Recently discovered holes in the story suggest Anna and Josh Duggar didn’t do any courting before getting engaged.

When exactly did Anna and Josh Duggar’s courting happen?

A recent blog on Tumblr has followers of the Duggar family talking. Less than 24 hours later the Duggar Snark subreddit on Reddit also started talking. Just what is it that everyone is talking about? Well, they are talking about the courting of Josh and Anna Duggar. More specifically, they are talking about the lack of a courtship.

Turns out, people have done some digging on the timeline involving when Josh proposed to Anna. This includes when they got married. And, many followers of the family are trying to figure one simple thing out… When did their courtship fit into the timeline?

Courting doesn’t appear to fit into their timeline anywhere.

Josh Duggar is the black sheep of the family

As we previously reported, Josh Duggar is one of the least favorite members of the family. Many fans are unwilling to see past his transgressions. Many can’t forgive him for what he has done in his past.

Back in 2015, Duggar fans learned Josh inappropriately touched several of his siblings. Anna Duggar stood by her husband when the news broke. She claimed she knew of his past. And, she married Josh anyway.

A year after that… Josh made the news again. This time? This time Duggar fans learned Josh was also a serial cheater. He was having an affair. Despite being a father of six, Josh Duggar had a profile on several dating sites.

Again, Anna stood by her husband.

Courting doesn’t seem to fit in their timeline

Compared to other courtships within the Duggar family… Anna and Josh’s doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Josh and Anna Duggar claim they courted each other for roughly six months before Josh proposed. This would have been around January of 2008. Their engagement kicked off in June of 2008. They married three months later. With the scandals surrounding Josh, some fans speculated the marriage was rushed to save face.

Is it possible courting never happened at all?

In the Tumblr blog, one follower of the family questioned if courting every happened. They revealed that Anna had made a commitment. A commitment she revealed to Michelle Duggar. Anna committed to not courting until after she turned 20. And yet… It was on her 20th birthday that Josh proposed to her.

So… One of two things happened. Anna either didn’t keep her commitment and courted before she turned 20. Or, she did keep her commitment and didn’t court with Josh at all before becoming engaged.

Moreover, there was a time where Anna claimed she had no idea Josh wanted to be with her when he proposed.

Josh and Anna don’t seem to know a lot about each other.

Looking back at the relationship between Anna and Josh… Things are pretty awkward. They just don’t seem to know each other as well as other Duggar couples. Some Duggar fans, however, assumed the awkward tension stemmed from the strict family rules.

It, however, now appears as if there may have been another reason for the awkwardness. Perhaps Anna and Josh Duggar didn’t know each other very well when they got engaged.

Was the marriage really just an attempt to bury his scandals? Did Anna Duggar even want to marry Josh?

Rumors have swirled that Anna and Josh Duggar’s wedding was arranged. Perhaps the rumors weren’t so far-fetched.

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