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‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 4 Spoilers: Clare Crawley’s Big Exit Revealed

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Tonight will finally address everyone’s questions about Clare Crawley’s big exit as The Bachelorette. Reality Steve shared everything to expect during tonight’s special Thursday episode.

Clare wants more time with Dale

Reality Steve went to his blog Thursday morning to share exactly what to expect as fans watch. Episode 4 will be Clare’s exit from the show. Rumors swirled for months about how it will all go down. Finally all questions will be answered. So, warning, spoilers are ahead for tonight’s show.

First of all, Steve says the show will start out with the epic scene fans have been seeing on promos. Chris Harrison will tell Clare that she has essentially “blown up The Bachelorette.” He says the show can’t continue on like it is now because everyone can see what is happening. Chris tells her if she continues on this path it doesn’t end well for anyone. He even says the men know what is going on. Chris asks Clare what she wants to do. She responds with saying she wants more time with Dale.

This conversation between Clare and Chris also indicates that she was smitten with Dale pre-show. She talks about watching his Instagram Stories and being able to relate to him. Steve says, “Clare reveals to Chris that on Mother’s Day during quarantine, she watched Dale give a tribute to his mom on an IG story, and it really resonated with her. He also talked in his past IG stories during quarantine that Clare watched about a sister he has in a care facility, and since her mom is in a care facility, she says she always felt she could relate to him.”

Chris informs all the men there will be no cocktail party or rose ceremony. He then pulls Dale aside and tells him what is going on. Dale tells Chris he also has strong feelings for Clare.

What happens next

So, Clare and Dale are given a one-on-one date. They have dinner with the Listen to Your Heart winners. Then, this is when the promos of Clare and Dale in bed together come into play. After their one-on-one date they spent the night together.

The next morning Chris comes to chat with The Bachelorette. She tells him she and Dale are in love and want to be together. She goes to tell the guys herself and apologizes. Clare tells them she doesn’t want to waste their time or lead them on. Everyone seemingly understands except Kenny. This is when fans will see Clare say “I will never apologize for love.”

Chris talks to them both again and Dale picks out a ring. That night he proposes to Clare. And, they are still together today and still engaged.

Tayshia’s entrance

After Clare’s exit, Chris tells the guys they have a decision to make. They can stay or they can go. They have no idea what they are staying for exactly, but all show up for a cocktail party. Chris then meets Tayshia arriving in the limo. They chat a few minutes then she prepares to go in and meet the 16 remaining guys. Next episode will feature the other four men brought in specifically for Tayshia.

Don’t miss this historic episode of The Bachelorette tonight on ABC.

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