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Why Is Max From ‘Max & Ruby’ Mute Trends, And It’s Freaking People Out


Have you ever wondered why Max from the Canadian children’s cartoon titled Max & Ruby is seemingly mute? Turns out, a lot of people have wondered what the answer to this question was over the years. In fact, if you spend any time browsing TikTok… You may have seen a video or two reacting to learning why Max of Max & Ruby is believed to be mute. Unfortunately, the answer to that question comes with a bit of disturbing dark humor. But, if you are here, you must be curious. So, keep reading.

The question of why Max from Max & Ruby is mute trends on multiple platforms

Max & Ruby is a Canadian children’s cartoon that premiered in May of 2002. The series ran for seven seasons before concluding last year. It does not appear as if the cartoon series has been renewed for an eighth season.

Now, the series followers siblings Max and Ruby who do just about everything together. Ruby, the older sister, spends a lot of time watching out for her little brother Max. And, making sure he doesn’t get in any trouble. They spend some time with their grandmother. And, they spend time playing with their neighbors.

Across the seven seasons of the series, however, Max never really said anything. Sure, he was present. But, Ruby seemed to do all of the talking. Was there a reason why Max from Max & Ruby was mute? That’s the question currently trending on both TikTok and Twitter. And, a quick search on Google reveals this is a question people have been asking for years.

People regret searching for an answer to this question

Sometimes there are certain things better left unknown right? A little mystery isn’t all that bad. This might just be one of those times. Consider this our official warning to you. If you are easily disturbed… The rest of this article isn’t for you.

You might not actually want to know why Max from Max & Ruby is mute. In fact, here’s some tweets of other people who have recently jumped on the trend. People who have regretted learning the answer.

One individual on Twitter even begged someone to “take TikTok away” after they mistakenly looked up the answer to this question.

So, why is Max mute?

Now, we know what you are thinking. GET TO THE POINT. What could possibly be so bad? What has everyone freaking out? According to Distractify, there are a few pretty dark theories surrounding Max & Ruby. The first involves the question of where the heck are their parents? Ruby is always taking care of little Max. Do they not have a mother and father somewhere in the background?

Rumor had it Max and Ruby murdered their parents. This dark rumor was eventually cleared when the parents finally made an appearance five seasons into the series.

Ok, so why is Max mute? Well, there was a time where a fake communication doctored up to look like it involved the production team circulated on the Internet. The communication suggested Max sustained a head injury. He sustained it during the car accident that killed their parents. Hence the parents not being in the show. And, Max being mute. Obviously, that rumor was debunked when the parents eventually showed up.

A more dark and twisted theory, however, about why Max is mute is what has fans talking. Some suggested Max was molested by his grandmother. And, that is why he doesn’t speak. Moreover, the theory explains he created “Super Bunny” to deal with the trauma his grandmother left behind. His obsession with police cars and ambulances only seems to strengthen the theory that he has a traumatic past.

So, why do you think Max from Max & Ruby is mute? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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