Jill Dillard Kombucha tea craze

Jill Dillard Climbs Aboard The Kombucha Tea Train

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Jill Dillard fans know she loves sharing her recipes and working in her kitchen. And, she looked toward to fall, as it involves hot drinks, reading indoors, and visits to the pumpkin patch. But now, she found something new and she shared about it on Instagram on Friday, October 30. She climbed aboard the Kombucha Tea train.

Jill Dillard says Jessa Seewald introduced her to Kombucha tea

On Friday, Jill took to her Instagram and shared a photo of her in the kitchen. In front, sat a kettle, and behind her, her son Samuel laughed as he photobombed her. The Counting On alum said, “Thanks to my sis, @jessaseewald I’m joining the kombucha making bandwagon! lol 🍵.” Then, she asked fans to share their “tips and tricks.” Well, needing no second invitation, plenty of TLC fans reacted and shared with her.

Jill Dillard fans sent in lots of ideas. And one noted, “Add juice or crystal light to it and the kids…drink it.” Others suggested adding some “ginger and lemon.” Then, one fan advised Jill, “Do the second fermentation with real juice, sooooo much better than plain!” An interesting idea came in. One fan suggested, “Kombucha [with] raw honey instead of cane sugar.” That way, it helps “eliminate processed sugar.” And, they use “pomegranate green tea instead of black tea.”

What is kombucha – how to make it?

It’s not surprising that some people never made or tried Kombucha tea. Web MD describes it as “a fizzy sweet-and-sour drink made with tea.” While many people claim extreme health benefits such a “cancer cure,” they’re not all proven. But, healthy aspects include the fact it works as a “probiotic.” And, “kombucha also contains a healthy dose of B vitamins.”

Jill Dillard probably likes the idea of a healthy dose of B vitamins. Also, people think it helps with energy. 2,000 years old now, the recipe originated in China, spread to Russia and Europe, and finally arrived in the USA. Yeast, sugar and tea ferment, and the skin top that forms after about a week can be used to make more Kombucha. Interestingly, it’s mildly alcoholic.

Jill Dillard Kombucha tea

Useful recipe

Kitchnn.com carries a useful recipe that you may try at home. And, they describe theirs as tasting like “tart green apple mixed with sour stone fruits.” Fizzy and sweetish served cold, apparently, it tastes delicious. So, it does not only taste good but brings some health benefits as well. Jill Dillard just shared something that sounds pretty awesome. So, if you enjoy making your own drinks your family might thank her and Jessa Seewald.

Did you ever make your own Kombucha? What different things did you experiment with? Sound off on the comments below.

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