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Jazz Jennings Explains Mermaid & Transgender Connection

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Jazz Jennings is a young woman who wears a lot of hats. She’s a 20-year-old trans woman, a social media influencer, an author, and an LGBT activist. We believe Jazz Jennings has been doing her part to stay home and slow the spread of the virus amid the pandemic. And, we know I Am Jazz Season 6 wrapped up back in March of this year. So, Jazz Jennings hasn’t been super active on social media.

Things changed, however, toward the middle of the month. Turns, out she’s been working on a project. A collaboration to be more specific. And, who has she been working with? The Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Jazz Jennings’ Smithsonian project revealed

Jazz Jennings is currently working on an exhibit for the Smithsonian. The exhibit is called Girlhood (It’s Complicated). The exhibit focuses on highlighting how girls have altered history over the years. And, Jazz Jennings participated in the project by sharing her own story of navigating girlhood.

One interesting thing fans of Jazz have learned is she’s felt a deep connection to mermaids her entire life. Why? Well, because they have a beautiful connection to transgender community.

Her story and connection to mermaids is part of the exhibit

The TLC personality’s transition is featured as part of a segment at the exhibit called “Embracing Yourself.” The exhibit’s companion website shares what you can expect from the exhibit.

As a toddler, [Jazz] felt a roar of emotions at not being able to communicate what she was experiencing. Jazz’s family listened, learned, and supported her. Together, they work to support all transgender children through the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation.”

The exhibit features a silicone mermaid tail that Jazz Jennings crafted when she was just 12. The exhibit also features an arrangement of her artwork. According to Jazz, art allowed her to express what being a girl trapped inside of a male body felt like when she was younger.

The exhibit even features a poem written by Jazz at a young age called “Glorious Days.” The poem highlights gender dysphoria. And, a desire to be accepted by people for who she really was.

So, why is she connected to mermaids?

There is a video titled “A Mermaid Tale” that pairs with the exhibit. And, explains her connection to mermaids. You can watch the video below or check it out on YouTube.

“As soon as I could express myself, I always knew I was a girl. I gravitated towards everything feminine: dolls, dresses, sparkly stuff, boas, high heels, everything girly.” Jazz reveals in the video.

But, there was one thing she was pulled to more than anything else. Mermaids. These beautiful, mystical creatures represented the transgender community in a way nothing else did. And, why? Well, because mermaids don’t really have genders.

It’s so cool how there’s this deep connection with mermaids in the transgender community because they have no genitalia. They just have this long, beautiful tail to replace that body part that dictates who we are so often.”

Jazz Jennings admits mermaids were “practically genderless” and that made them incredible.

Her mother supported her pull toward mermaids

During the very early stages of Jazz’s transition, her mother Jeanette turned to a support group. A support group called Mermaids. The group helped her better understand what her daughter was going through.

“That gave her the green light to say, ‘OK. Maybe I need to help my child out by transitioning from he to she pronouns,’” Jazz explained as she reflected on her mother joining the support group.

The mermaid tell represents her transition

Jazz Jennings has a lot of fond memories from her transition. And, she believes the mermaid tail she created when she was just 12 represents her transition to who she truly is perfectly.

There was definitely this feeling of, ‘Hey, I have male genitalia, and I’m not a complete woman yet.’ So this mermaid tail kind of represents my gender completely and just allows me to flow and express myself underwater as this beautiful creature.”

Today, Jazz Jennings doesn’t feel that she needs the mermaid tail anymore. Even though it meant so much to her. Her transition is finally complete. She confident. And, she’s happy in the body she has now.

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