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Adam Busby’s Scary Costume Flops With Quints, But Terrifies Danielle

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With the OutDaughtered quints so terrified of the Easter bunny, Adam Busby assumed the girls would find his new Halloween mask to be a little spooky. In fact, he slipped into a doll head mask you might recognize from the Saw movies before wandering up the stairs. Unfortunately for Adam Busby, his spooky mask really didn’t leave the impression he was hoping for.

Adam Busby’s spooky mask doesn’t scare the quints.

Adam Busby shared a video of himself wandering up the stairs with a spooky mask from the Saw movies. He tried to sneak up on some of his quints. Unfortunately, the mask didn’t go over the way he planned. In fact, his girls really were not scared of the mask at all. The opposite happened. Each of the quints started laughing. They thought it was hilarious to see daddy rocking such a spooky mask.

During part of the video, we watched Adam Busby try to sneak into a dark room. His girls were ready to attack him. They even tried to pull the mask from his face. In a caption on the video, Adam Busby jested that he should have gone with a bunny costume if he wanted to actually scare them.

The OutDaughtered dad did find a little pleasure in his Halloween mask. Turns out, his wife isn’t as brave as their girls. And, she wasn’t ready to see her husband rocking such a spooky mask.

Danielle admits her husband ‘scared the crap’ out of her.

According to her Instagram Stories, Adam Busby FaceTimed her while he was wearing the mask. But, she wasn’t prepared for it. So, when the creepy doll face popped up on her screen… She nearly died of fright. Danielle Busby was on a girls trip at the time. Enjoying a little time away from the girls. Hanging out with friends. And, seeing the creepy mask pop up on FaceTime “scared the crap out of her.”

Danielle Busby Instagram

Perhaps the quints get their bravery from their father? Looks like Adam Busby will have to get a little more creative if he’s hoping to give the girls a little scare in the spirit of Halloween.

So, do you think it is surprising the girls are unfazed by a spooky doll mask. But, they find the Easter Bunny to be so terrifying? Do you think Adam Busby trying to scare the girls was mean or all in good fun? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

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