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‘LPBW’ Critics Think Amy Roloff’s Anger & Resentment’s ‘A Poor Look’

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LPBW aired its finale on TLC, and some fans just feel grateful about that. In fact, many people who previously felt sorry for Amy Roloff slammed her for her never-ending resentment and anger about her divorce from Matt. And, some people think that bitterness puts her in a “poor” light. Plus, they wonder how long her fiance Chris Marek puts up with it.

LPBW finale brought a lot of criticism of Amy Roloff

Some fans felt disappointed that Little People, Big World only brought a few episodes. But, others just feel happy that they won’t see Amy acting out as an eternal victim for a while. We reported that Amy Roloff “admitted she [felt] “amazed” she [survived] her ex-husband Matt as long as she had.” Well, it looks like a mutual feeling. And, many fans think it’s time she moved on if she really hated her husband so much, for so long.

Meaww reported that Matt talked about how things often went bad between them. But, he felt happy that she met Chris and makes a new life. Meanwhile, Amy went on and on about her “30 years” in the big house. One critic noted on Twitter, “I wonder how many times Amy…mentioned her home of 30 years this season… eyeroll!!” But other LPBW critics feel that her letting go slowly, and without a shred of grace, looks rather bad for her.

Little People, Big World fans who felt sorry for Amy turn on her for bad behavior

Many people felt bad for Amy when they heard Matt and Caryn got together. But, in this season, even they sometimes express their irritation. One person wrote, “I totally get Amy’s feelings of her whole life being “stolen” from her…lost her home she would grow old in, all the memories of her children growing up. 1/2 her life. But the amount of anger & resentment she is showing doesn’t look good on her.”

More LPBW fans people talked about the resentment:

  • I wish @amyroloffCF would stop playing the victim all the time.”
  • “Am… Idiot…go outside and look at the stars anywhere. Not just on Matt’s farm. She never gonna let that sh*t go. It’s exhausting.”
  • “Amy should wake up every morning and do a gratitude list. Not being snarky – it really helped me.”
  • “amy should be absolutely ashamed of herself… I do not like the person she was through this… or the horrible mess Matt [dealt] with! Terrible!!”

The season ended without a conclusion as to whether Zach buys out his mom on the farm or not. So, probably, Amy Roloff returns in another season bringing more resentment and unhappiness to LPBW.

What are your thoughts? Did you once feel sorry for Amy Roloff but grow weary of her bitterness and resentment? Sound off in the comments below.

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