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‘RHOBH’ Fans Barely Recognize Kyle Richards In New Photo

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RHOBH fans took double-takes when an Instagram account shared a photo of Kyle Richards. She looked like someone else completely different. And, some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans thought they looked at a photo of her daughter, or “a brunette Zolciak.” And, a lot of fans concluded she underwent too much facework.

RHOBH – unrecognizable Kyle gets critics

Some fans seemed unsure if they looked at Kyle Richards. And, safe to say, even we headed over to Kyle’s own Instagram for a double-check. And it is Kyle in the photo.

The first photo that raised the subject of Kyle Richards and her new face came on the @bravohousewives Instagram account. The caption read, “Kyle Richards…recently said she’d be excited for her sister, Kathy Hilton,” on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills show.

RHOBH fans reacted with amazement.

  • “Omg! Don’t recognise Kyle!”
  • “Kyle or Kim ZB with a brown wig?!?”
  • “Ummmm we aren’t going to mention Kyles new face?!”
  • “WTH happened…Kyle. She destroyed herself 😢😢.”
  • “I had… a double take. That doesn’t even look like Kyle.”
  • “these two went way overboard with the fillers and Botox! Wow, Kyle looks nothing like her true self.”

But, some RHOBH critics note that while she looks amazing, Kyle’s hands give her age away.


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A post shared by @bravohousewives on Oct 26, 2020 at 7:20am PDT

Checking out Kyle on her own Instagram

On October 26, Kyle Richard shared three photos of herself. Sure enough, in those photos, she looks very different. Incredulously, one fan wrote, “I thought…Brooke Shields.” And, another one commented, “you or one of your daughter… looking younger for sure!” Then came this comment: “Omg you look amazing! Reverse aging by 15.” But, not everyone sounded so enthusiastic. Several people mentioned jawline work and a good nose job. But, this comment differed: “Hollywood plastic 🙁.”

RHOBH fans agree she looks way younger and very beautiful. However, critics think she looks too overdone. One said, “You don’t look like you anymore. …like a cat. I think you…beautiful and [no more]e alterations.” But overall, her loyal fans just love the way Kyle Richards looks. Then, some fans talked about”the fountain of youth,” and “aaaammmaaaazzzinnngggg.”


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A post shared by Kyle Richards Umansky (@kylerichards18) on Oct 26, 2020 at 9:09pm PDT

Halloween Kills

In her caption, Kyle mentioned John Carpenter and the Halloween movies. And, Variety reminds fans that “Richards appeared as a child actress in John Carpenter’s original “Halloween” in 1978 as Lindsey Wallace.”

Halloween Kills was supposed to come out this month. But it was pushed back to 2021 due to the pandemic. Another sequel, Halloween Ends will come out in 2022. Kyle reprises her role again. So, fans sound very excited.

Happily, one RHOBH fan said, “Kyle omg!! 🥺🥺 🎃 I really cannot wait to see you back in Halloween kills! So excited.”

What did you think of Kyle’s facework? Do you think she no longer looks like Kyle? Sound off in the comments below.

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