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Matt Roloff Tells Amy: ‘That’s Why We’re Not Married Anymore’

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Little People, Big World fans often can’t help but wonder why Matt Roloff and Amy are not married anymore. Unfortunately, that probably isn’t a very easy question to answer. In fact, chances are pretty good there are a lot of reasons why Amy and Matt Roloff are not married anymore. During a recent episode of LPBW Season 21, however, Matt Roloff confirmed there was one key reason why.

Matt Roloff reveals ultimately why he and Amy are not married anymore.

During Season 21 Episode 4 of LPBW, viewers continue to watch Matt and Amy discuss her move off the farm. Matt is clearly exhausted with how long the process is taking. And, he was crystal clear about it. In fact, Matt Roloff tells Amy he thought she would have been moved off the property a few months ago.

Amy Roloff, however, seemed to shrug the conversation off as not a big deal. In fact, she insisted she was doing what she could to move as quickly as possible. Matt disagreed. And, the two were at an impasse over it.

The conversation between the former flames got pretty heated. Matt took a slight dig at Amy. He told her he thought she would rather focus on her new life and home with Chris Marek. And, didn’t understand why she was so slow to move away.

“I’m just surprised you’re not focused on that more, but you’re just over here every day taking a two-day process into a six-month process,” Matt says to Amy.

Amy defends herself: “I’ve got other things going on in my life.”

Matt Roloff quickly fires back: “That’s why we’re not married anymore. We move at very different paces.”

He isn’t alone with his frustration.

Viewers are home are furious with how long it has taken Amy Roloff to get packed up and off the property. She’s been called both a hoarder and a packrat. And, we know Caryn hasn’t been a fan of how long it has taken Amy Roloff to get packed up and moved off the property.

Even her son Zach admits his sympathy for his mother has worn thin.


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At this point, Amy Roloff is the only one who seems to think she’s moving as fast as possible. No one else seems to have this line of thinking. Likewise, this slow pace is why Matt Roloff believes they are no longer together. He’s unwilling to move at such a slow pace when something needs to get finished.

Do you think there are other reasons why Matt Roloff and Amy are not married anymore? So, do you think Matt Roloff has a right to feel frustrated? Should Amy Roloff pick up the pace? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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