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Chase Chrisley Tells Nanny Faye Marriage Isn’t Necessary To ‘Get Some’

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We know that Nanny Faye decided to dive into the dating world and her grandson Chase Chrisley is her biggest supporter. In fact, Chase Chrisley didn’t even hesitate to assist his grandmother in setting up a profile on a dating app. Unfortunately, this is where things got a little awkward for Chrisley Knows Best fans favorite pairing.

Chase Chrisley helps Nanny Faye set up account.

In a short video clip uploaded to Instagram, fans watched Chase Chrisley learn Nanny Faye joined a dating app. He, however, had no issues with helping his grandmother set up her account. This, regrettably, did require asking and answering a lot of uncomfortable questions. Including those of an intimate nature.

Now, it became clear Nanny Faye wasn’t interested in the intimate questions. She felt they were too personal to answer. But, they were necessary to set up her profile. So, Chase continued to put pressure on his grandmother for the details.

She isn’t looking for marriage, just wants a boyfriend.

When asked about her “sexual preferences,” Nanny Faye was quick to remind Chase she wasn’t married. And, it certainly sounded like she wasn’t interested in “getting some” unless she was married. Turns out, Chase does not feel the same way. In fact, he insisted a person did not have to be married in order to “get some.”

Nanny Faye was clearly a little put off by her grandson’s answer. She acknowledged that what he was saying was true. But, she doubled down on the fact that you were supposed to wait until marriage to “get some.”

So, it certainly doesn’t sound like Nanny Faye is looking for a friend with benefits on these dating apps. It sounds like she’s just a little lonely and looking for someone to spend time with. And, there is nothing wrong with that! We hope Nanny is able to find someone special!

Chrisley Knows Best fans are here for Nanny’s love life.

Fans of the reality TV family are here for Nanny Faye looking for love. And, they just adore the relationship she has with Chase. They, however, hope Todd Chrisley won’t get in the way of Nanny trying to find a special someone.


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Things are gettin’ personal ’cause Nanny Faye is dipping her toes in the dating pool, y’all! 😂

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Fortunately for Chase, they seemed to overlook him mentioning that he didn’t think marriage was necessary to “get some.” So, it is safe to assume he isn’t waiting for marriage to share that piece of him with someone.

Do you think Nanny Faye should have a boyfriend? Do you think Chase Chrisley should wait for marriage to “get some?” Sound off in the comments.

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