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Erika Jayne Tells Her ‘Haters’ To Use That Energy For The 2020 Election

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Erika Jayne is fighting back mad. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star got backlash after verbally attacking a fan on social media. Some fans claimed it wasn’t a good look for the singer. This comes amid the outcries of Erika’s potential firing.

The Chicago Broadway star became a fan-favorite on the show. Fans didn’t love her carefree attitude as it was refreshing. Erika Jayne is a powerful persona who takes pride in how she presents herself. Season 10 showed her standing up to Denise Richards’s husband as he tried to silence the other women.

In addition, fans loved Erika’s sense of style. But she turned off fans after she clapped back at one fan on Instagram. Erika hasn’t backed down from the backlash.

Erika Jayne gets called out after posting a meme

On Monday, October 19, the RHOBH star shared a meme by @brandsbybravo that featured all three Real Housewives wearing the same pink blazer dress. Instead of apologizing to the fan’s polite request for credit for the meme, Erika Jayne slammed the fan. Erika claimed that Kyle Richards should take credit for the meme, which she didn’t create.

“The way to get more ‘credit’ for your ‘ideas’ is to come up with your own and stop leaving comments on my page about how you feel wronged,” Erika wrote. “These images do not belong to you. Now go make some interesting s*** that I can promote.” CommentsbyBravo captured the thread of messy comments in the post below.

Most fans were on the side of the content creator. They didn’t like the way the Bravo star reacted to the fan. Online memes, animated GIFs, and artwork are what keeps the Real Housewives franchise alive. None of the Housewives would be where they are if it wasn’t for the fans. Most fans slammed Erika for being rude and not acknowledging the creator.

RHOBH star loses fans over the interaction

Erika Jayne hasn’t backed down. She still credited Kyle Richards for the meme. Some fans claim that Erika steals memes without giving credit where credit is due. Sometimes a tag from a huge star like Erika can help content creators make money. She clearly loved the meme enough to use it but preferred not to credit the original person who thought of it.

The model addressed the drama on Instagram Stories. In a series of posts, she responded to her “haters” with vulgar statements. One included a collage of the reality star with the phrase, “Haters Gonna Hate.” The Instagram Story, which was reposted by a fan, read, “I don’t understand…she always [loves] my stuff I make for her, or she reposts it!”

erika jayne instagram stories
[Screenshot from Erika Jayne’s Instagram Stories]
It also included the message: “Don’t sweat the haters honey! Your fans love you.”

erika jayne instagram stories
[Screenshot from Erika Jayne’s Instagram Stories]
Erika also wrote her own response. She told her haters to “keep this same energy” for the November 3 election. And then she added that they “probably won’t though” with the shrugging emoji.

Is Erika returning to RHOBH Season 11?

Erika Jayne has reportedly been demoted to a “Friend” role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Some fans have a feeling it will lead to her subsequent exit. As per the RealHousewivesConfessionals Instagram account, “Rumor has it Erika is not returning to #RHOBH next season after she was offered a Friend of Role and turned it down…”

However, neither Bravo nor Erika have confirmed the rumor. It appears that this similar rumor swirls every season. Of course, fans have been buzzing about her possible exit. If Erika does leave RHOBH, she will use social media to stay in the spotlight.

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