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Shop Until You Drop: ‘Supermarket Sweep’ Reboot Premieres TONIGHT

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Throwback Sunday isn’t a viral trend, but ABC is giving it their best shot. They are adding a nostalgic reboot to their lineup! The network announced before the pandemic that a Supermarket Sweep reboot was in the works. Well, it is FINALLY premiering this weekend. What do we know about the new take on the classic 90s game show?

SNL Alum Leslie Jones Hosts Supermarket Sweep Reboot

In 2020, everything old is new again! ABC is seeing a ratings boom by bringing back fan-favorite game shows. In addition to previously reviving Family Feud and more, the network is bringing back Supermarket Sweep.

Originally from the 1960s, the show didn’t gain traction with fans until the early 90s. In the game show, teams compete to answer trivia before shopping in the makeshift grocery store for prizes. The frenzied shoppers running down aisles as they look for products based on clues given was a hit with fans! 

Former Saturday Night Live writer and performer Leslie Jones hosts the reboot. She also serves as an executive producer. Filmed during the pandemic, Supermarket Sweep will adhere to strict guidelines. Additionally, the first episode features frontline workers. 

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire will also feature frontline workers. The quiz show returns with a new season directly following the Supermarket Sweep premiere. 

Why She Doesn’t Miss SNL

Saturday Night Live recently returned to filming live after a handful of virtual shows. However, there is one face missing from the sketches: Leslie Jones. She chose to leave the show in 2019 after five seasons. 

While she is close with former SNL co-star Kenan Thompson, she doesn’t miss doing the show. She recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her exit. She describes the show as “very restrictive.”

However, when it comes to Supermarket Sweep, the comedian is more forthcoming. Calling it a “comedian’s dream come true,” it turns out she’s quite the fangirl of the game show! 

Supermarket Sweep Host Once Tried Out For 90s Edition

Leslie Jones revealed to ET that she tried out for Supermarket Sweep in the 90s! Sadly, her dream was dashed by her less-enthusiastic partner! As fans know, the contestants pair up in teams of two to compete. The Ghostbusters star’s teammate was her roommate. 

In fact, Leslie opens up about training in actual supermarkets to prepare for the competition. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. 

Despite being told by the show to keep their schedule clear, the roommate couldn’t miss work. As a result, Leslie Jones never got to compete on her favorite game show. But now she’s hosting it! 

While the show is mostly the same as the 90s incarnation, the contestants get to design their own sweatshirts. Like their sweaters, Leslie Jones calls the reboot, “exciting and bright and funny.”

Supermarket Sweep airs Sundays on ABC. Will you be watching? Head over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment with your thoughts on the reboot. 

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