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Attention Shoppers! One Season of the 90s Game Show ‘Supermarket Sweep’ is Now on Netflix

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Long before Lifetime network became popular for reality shows and movies, it was the home of Supermarket Sweep. ABC’s revival of the iconic game show from the 90s is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

But kids of the 90s can get their nostalgia fix on Netflix. The streaming giant put out an FYI on their Twitter on July 6. One season of the beloved game show is now available on Netflix. 


What is Supermarket Sweep 

If you’re not old enough to remember the show, or too old to remember it, here’s a refresher. Three teams of two people answer trivia questions to earn shopping time. In the third round, one person from each team goes around the ‘store’ with a grocery cart. Each item is given a price value. 

The goal is to nab high-priced items and bonuses to get the highest total. The winning total gets a final round to try to win an additional money prize from clues within the grocery items. Watching people dash around a grocery store with a shopping cart is mindless entertainment. And fans love Netflix for bringing a piece of their childhood back. 

However, there is only one season, 15 episodes, of the iconic show on Netflix so far. They may add more later. You may be surprised to know that the show didn’t originate in the 1990s.

According to Delish, the show actually began in the 1960s.It was on ABC for a few short seasons. In the early 90s, Lifetime AKA PAX channel revived the show into a cult classic. 

Supermarket Sweep had a three-year revival in 2000, too. 

Netflix is Killing It With Nostalgic Content

Supermarket Sweep isn’t Netflix’s only foray into reviving shows of the 80s and 90s. On Friday, all episodes of a BabySitters Club revival became available to stream. Fans are already done watching Season 1 and demand a second season

Fuller House, a revival of the ABC’s TGIF staple Full House just wrapped up after 5 deliciously cheesy seasons. Another of ABC’s cult hits, Sabrina the Teenage Witch got a reboot as Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Sabrina is still going strong after 3 seasons. 

Netflix isn’t the only platform getting into the nostalgia reboots. NBC’s Peacock streaming service will have an updated Saved By The Bell. ABC revives game shows for summer viewers. 

ABC’s Supermarket Sweep Reboot

Actress Elizabeth Banks hosts ABC’s Press Your Luck reboot. The network also brought back Family Feud and Match Game.

For 2020, ABC also had a Supermarket Sweep reboot in mind. They tapped Leslie Jones to host the game show. However, the coronavirus pandemic put a pin in the reboot…for now. 

Tell us in the comments what game shows you’d like to see in rebooted next. 

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