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‘OutDaughtered’ Mom Danielle Busby Demonstrates Masterful Multi-Tasking

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OutDaughtered mom Danielle seems an expert at time management and multi-tasking. And, with six kids at home, she also works with her CADI Fitness business. Plus, she maintains her social influencer presence, films for the TLC show and more. So how doe she look so good? Well, it seems she takes multi-tasking to a new level.

OutDaughtered mom Danielle grows a large following of admirers

Even when the show’s not running a season, Danielle maintains a steady flow of followers on her social media. And, she seldom looks over-done when it comes to style and fashion. But at the same time, she always looks groomed and attractive. Of course, she and Adam also run their Graeson Bee clothing store. That comes from her love and knowledge of fashion.

So, fans seem blown away that she always looks good. In fact, sometimes, she looks downright hot and steamy, seemingly without effort. We reported in July, that she and Adam took it away for hotness when she shared a photo of them at  Excellence Playa Mujeres on their anniversary. But now, she revealed how she looks good and multi-tasks. The OutDaughtered mom revealed how she passes the time when getting highlights and a haircut.

Danielle relaxes at the hair salon?

As most fans agree, going to the salon usually involves relaxing while being pampered. But not so, Danielle. She shared a photo of herself at her sister’s salon, Heist hair Bar. There, while her highlights went on, she sat with her laptop and worked away happily. Danielle shared, “Even in times of pampering, I find myself still multitasking& #gettingthingsdone.” Then, used to mask police criticising, she noted that she wore her mask, but took it off for a quick selfie.

OutDaughtered fans seemed very impressed that Danielle multi-tasked so well. One of them wrote, “OMG… take it easy 😅😅😅.” And, another follower exclaimed. “Talk about multi-tasking! I am sooooo impressed lol!”  One admirer from Brazil wrote, “‘ I follow you Daniel[sic]…on Instagram, and I have you as my heroine. You have [6]  girls and you remain so full and confident and I want to freak out three times. Thank you for being an example of a woman. 👏👏.”

Sometimes fans feel a bit jealous of Adam and Danielle

On the odd occasion, some fans come over as jealous with their trolling. Certainly, almost every time the family takes a break, comments come about how they can afford it. And sometimes, trolls even suggest Adam doesn’t even have a job. But of course, he runs his own media company. Plus, he looks after the Its A Buzz World website. Between them, they work so hard in providing a good home for the children.

Actually, the old saying that you “get out what you put in,” applies very well for the OutDaughtered couple. What do you think about the way Danielle Busby masterfully multi-tasks even at the hair salon? Sound off in the comments below.

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