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‘Sister Wives’: Christine’s Family Visits Relatives In NJ, Fans Wonder About Quarantine

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown seldom talks about her extended family. But, she revealed she vacations with her sister in New Jersey. She shared a photo of the kids all playing monopoly. Christine noted how useful online learning is because it means they can learn as they take a vacation. But, some fans worried about COVID-19 quarantine.

Sister Wives – family time in New Jersey for Christine

Christine and the kids caught up with Maddie Brown Brush who lives in North Carolina. On September 6, she shared a photo of her daughter Ysabel with Maddie’s daughter Evie. Then on September 11, she shared about how she babysat her grandson Axel. After that, on September 21, she shared photos of the beach and fans wondered if they still stayed with Maddie in North Carolina. People asked which beach they visited, but Christine never replied.

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@truelygracebrown and I walked the beach this morning. Finding some peace and harmony before we tackle this world and online school today. #onlineschool #beach #peace #findingpeace #sunrise

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Then, on September 22, she revealed that they vacation with her sister in New Jersey. So, possibly, the photo of the beach on Sept 21 was taken somewhere in that area. In her post, the Sister Wives mom shared a photo of the kids playing a game. A little boy sat with the girls as they played Monopoly. Her caption read, “We’re hanging out with my sister, her husband and their incredible kids in New Jersey.” She talked about how “online learning” means they travel and work at school lessons. Christine added, “Just keeping as positive as possible in crazy 2020!”

Fans wonder about quarantine

In the comments section of the post, one TLC fan wrote, “You have to quarantine.” And, another fan noted that Arizona may also come with “high risk.” Then, someone said that not quarantining in New Jersey might break the law. Well, a fan apparently spotted Christine shopping on the same day as the beach photo. So, it looks like they possibly arrived in NJ on September 21. As far as we know from her posts, Christine was last in North Carolina on September 11. Maybe they quarantined for ten days or so?

The New Jersey Hotspot website notes the list of states requiring quarantine if you travel from there to NJ. On September 15, the site updated that “If you’re traveling to NJ from the following states & territories, you should self-quarantine for 14 days.” Well, Arizona’s not on the list, but North Carolina is. And, Sister Wives fans know Christine possibly visited there inside of 14 days ago. The orders came from Gov. Phil Murphy and get updated from time-to-time.

Loyal fans tell others ‘mind your own business’

Some fans think that people worried about quarantine should mind their own business. One person wrote, “If you stay home YOU have nothing to b–ch about.” And, another one said, “Why do [you] care if Christine Quarantines or not? Worry about your own d–n family!”

What do you think about quarantine? Should people quarantine or just ignore the state regulations? Bear in mind that Christine might not always post things on the day they actually happen. For all fans know, the photos in North Carolina got taken days before Christine shared them. Sound off in the comments below.

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