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Andy Cohen Fans React As His Cameo Money Goes To Biden Campaign

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Andy Cohen, famous as the Bravo host for the Real Housewives franchise, collected a huge number of fans. They sometimes get irritated with him with the way the shows turn out. But mostly, they love him. In fact, since his son Ben arrived they love him even more. Now, his fans reacted when he told them his Cameo money goes to the Biden campaign.

Andy Cohen tells fans about where his Cameo money goes

On Friday, Andy shared a photo of himself with his son Ben. They stood holding hands on the beach in bright yellow outfits. But, most responses got directed to his caption. Andy wrote, “You have until midnight to order a personalized message from me on Cameo; all money goes to the Biden campaign and we’re at 100k right now!” Actually, some fans seemed very shocked. But, over on his Cameo page, it clearly says, “I’m on Cameo for 2 weeks only, raising for Biden for President!”

Plenty of fans reacted to the news about the Biden campaign fundraiser. Some supporters seemed very happy that he fundraises for the Democratic nominee. One fan who likes the idea of Joe Biden wrote, “Trump is the country’s biggest disaster.” But to be honest, it takes a lot of clicking through the various comments and replies to find many people who love the idea of Andy Cohen supporting Joe Biden, And, that seems a bit surprising.

Fans react to the Joe Bided campaign

The majority of comments that strike visitors to Andy’s Instagram post seem very negative. Actually, if this were a poll, one might think Biden’s support takes the minority. Here’s a small sample of negative reactions:

  • “Lost me at Biden also….what are you thinking!?”
  • “100k for a political campaign? …no better cause? All the disasters in the world and you pick BIDEN!”
  • “That money can be sent to a better cause. Love you, but Trump all the way! 🇺🇸”
  • “Can’t ever…he’s been in Washington for 47 years and has done nothing. He doesn’t deserve this.”
  • “Sorry Andy, I love watching you but could never support Biden. He’s incapable of carrying out the role of President. I know Anderson is your close friend and works at CNN, but they do not report all of the news in an accurate fashion and they refuse to cover anything positive that this administration has done. “
  • “Support socialist??? Noo Andy!!! You don’t know what is that, go to Venezuela and see.”
  • “Andy 🤦‍♀️ you had to go there , why??? Biden ? Wtf !”

A few supporters of Andy Cohen and his Biden campaign fundraiser slapped at critics. One of them said that Andy votes Biden because he’s “educated.” And, they made disparaging remarks about people who live in “trailer parks.”

What do you think about Andy Cohen fundraising for Joe Biden? Sound off in the comments below.

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