Pumpkin, Mama June’s Daughter Dumps her Nose Ring Piercing

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Pumpkin, the daughter of Mama June Shannon told her fans that she took out her piercing. It’s a nose ring and fans saw her wear it for a long time now. But now she took it out and many fans told her she looks much better without it. They think the mom of Ella Grace doesn’t need it to look beautiful.

Pumpkin looks much better without her nose ring, fans think

On Friday, Pumpkin took to her Instagram and shared a photo of herself. It showed her before she removed the nose ring. The Mama June: From Not to Hot star actually removed it a while back. A video on September 3 revealed the nose ring was gone. The WEtv star captioned her throwback photo with, “Back before I took my piercing out. Living my best life. 😻😩.”

Well, many fans think that Pumpkin looks way better without the nose ring. Here’s what some of them said about it:

  • “You look better without it ❤️.”
  • “Wow! ❤️ Better and better ❤️👏👏👏👏👏.”
  • “Your looking great!!! Keep up the good work with your family!!!❤😘.”
  • “Glad you took the piercing out. Didn’t like it and you are so cute without it.”
  • “Hey Pumpkin! Love you with or without it! You better live your best life because you are an awesome YOU ❤️.”

Fans heard that Pumpkin tries for another baby

Mama June might soon become a grandmother all over again. We reported that Pumpkin said she is trying for another baby. The news came when Pumpkin shared a cute photo of her and her husband Josh. When one fan suggested they try for another kid, Pumpkin replied. She said that they are “most definitely trying.” Many fans sounded thrilled at the news. But, others think that maybe she should hold off a bit.

Pumpkin’s still quite young, and she takes care of her 15-year-old little sister Honey Boo Boo. Fans think that perhaps she should work her way up at her job. Once she earns more money, might be a better time to think about more kids. After all, Pumpkin went through a stressful year with her mom abandoning the family. While Mama June works on her sobriety, hopefully things turn out right. But, fans think Pumpkin deserves a bit of fun rather than more responsibility right now.

Pumpkin loses weight

Recently, fans noticed that Pumpkin lost some weight. A week ago, she shared a photo that shows obvious weight loss. One fan commented, “Ok skinny minny😍.” Another one said, “Wow you are looking great!!! Please stay the great person you are don’t let it make you into a snobby little beotch!!! Love you your doing such a great job being great mom sister and wife!!! Proud of you wish you were my daughter!!! Love your family!!!❤😘”

Maybe taking out the nose piercing and losing weight is a good sign that Pumpkin, like her mom, ups her game these days.

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