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‘Marrying Millions’ Dinner Disaster

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Marrying Millions star Desiry claimed that she and Rodney don’t fake anything. She talked about the hate they get from fans and said their story’s real. But now, fans think that even Rodney’s mom’s just not feeling Desiry and Rodney as a couple. It came during a rather disastrous dinner.

Marrying Millions’ disastrous dinner

One of the main complaints that Desiry beefs about involves the fact that Rodney kept their relationship a secret. After insisting for ages that she meet his parents, she finally got her wish. But, fans think she blew it. And, they decided that Rodney’s mom’s just not “feeling” her. It seemed that Desiry totally took the wrong approach to Rodney’s family.

In fact, at the end of it all, Marrying Millions fans think that Desiry only dates Rodney for his money. And, clearly, his mom thinks the same thing. For a start, she burbled on about getting intimate with Rodney to his mom. She told her that she plans on staying virginal until he finally marries her. But hello! She then spoke about marrying twice before!

More than one millionaire in Desiry’s life

Meaww noted that Rodney isn’t the first person Desiry dated with pots full of money. She told Rodney’s mom that she dated a millionaire before. That sounded a bit like a gold digger. And then, topping it off, she complained because Rodney can afford two homes in different cities. But, he won’t pay for them. She pointed out, “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team.” But Rodney claimed there is, especially when he “pays the bills.”

So, in a nutshell, Desiry withholds intimacy until Rodney marries her. But, she’s no virgin. She previously dated a millionaire and thinks Rodney should splash the cash for all her desires. No wonder Rodney’s mom told him she didn’t like Desiry for him. Fans seem convinced more than ever that she’s in it for the wrong reasons. And of course, Marrying Millions fans still believe Rodney prefers men anyway.

Fans talk about Rodney’s mom not ‘feeling’ her

On Twitter, fans discussed Desiry. They felt she went all the wrong way into the dinner meet-up. One fan said, “From the s-x talk, to the ‘rodney pays all my bills’ talk, to the ‘i’ve been married twice before & dated a millionaire’ talk, Rodney’s mother is not feeling Desiry anymore.” Others agreed. A fan commented, “Momma liked Desiry at the beginning of dinner. Then, she started talking lol.”

Another Marrying Millions fan noted, “Desiry, sis, you’ve been married twice, so that means you’ve met 2 sets of parents & at close to 50 to you don’t know it’s inappropriate to mention s-x to someone mama?”

What do you think? Do you agree that Rodney’s mom just isn’t feeling Desiry? Sound off in the comments below.

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