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‘Sister Wives’: Gwendlyn Brown Calls Kyle Rittenhouse Supporters Racists

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Sister Wives fans heard about Gwendlyn Brown becoming active in social issues back in June. These days, like her half-sister Mariah, she gets outspoken about racial injustice. She took to Instagram on Friday and accused all supporters of Kyle Rittenhouse of being racists.

Sister Wives – Gwendlyn Brown, strong feelings on Jacob Blake’s death

Like many people in the world, Gwenldyn expressed very strong feelings about the situation with Jacob Blake. She also feels very strongly about Kyle Rittenhouse. The 17-year old stands accused of shooting and killing two people during the Kenosha protests Tuesday night.

Taking to Instagram Stories, the Sister Wives teen shared a card. It read, “If you…currently [defend] Kyle Rittenhouse and attack Jacob Blake you’re racist.” She added, “If you think…Kyle Rittenhouse…anything other than a white supremacist terrorist,” that also makes you “racist.”

Then, speaking about the police shooting of Jacob Blake, the TLC star expressed her feelings on that. Gwen noted, “If you think that the state-sanctioned attempted murder of Jacob Black.. justified,” that also equates to racism.

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Updates on Kyle Rittenhouse

That Gwendlyn from Sister Wives feels so strongly about the incidents harks back to her early activism. We reported that Gwen called for a boycott of a Flagstaff restaurant. It came on the say-so of someone else. They alleged the staff at a local restaurant made them feel “uncomfortable.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel updated on Kyle Rittenhouse on Friday. The outlet noted that his attorneys put out a statement. They said that Kyle defended himself against a “mob” of attackers who “accosted” and “verbally threatened and taunted” him. They claim legal justification as he defended himself. Allegedly, someone else fired a weapon first. When someone lunged for his rifle, he feared for his life and pulled the trigger.

Apparently, at that stage the crowd chased him. One of them allegedly attacked him with a skateboard. Well, each story comes with two sides. In time, no doubt, a court of law decides on guilt or premeditation in this case. Perhaps the Sister Wives child should await the outcome of the case before calling judgment.

The investigation into Jacob Blake continues

Meanwhile, the outlet also updated on the Jacob Blake shooting. The ongoing police investigation revealed that the police attempted arrest. It came after third-degree felony sexual assault and domestic violence charges. Perhaps those people who think the incident might be “justified,” take to their social media and suggest everyone who defends him support abusive men.

What do you think about Gwendlyn Brown of Sister Wives reaching such sweeping conclusions ahead of the outcome of the court cases? Sound off in the comments below.

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