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‘Love island’: Carrington Looks Rather Insecure With Kierstan Saulter

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Love Island fans took an instant dislike to Carrington during the first episode of the new season. They felt he treated Kaitlynn Anderson like a personal possession. Now, they saw him acting a little insecure over Kierstan Saulter. They believe the relationship simply won’t last.

Love Island – Carrington goes from totally confident to insecure

We reported that fans hated on Carrington straightway. Recall, he virtually snubbed Kaitlynn when he first met her. Moving off, he acted like the main man with the other guys. But, as soon as someone else paid attention to her, he grabbed her and gave her a sloppy kiss. Fans hated that he treated her like he owned her or something. They also disliked his attitude about winning at all costs. They felt it made him look rather shallow.

This week, fans saw that he and Kierstan Saulter hit it off. She got her first Love Island date with Carrington. Meaww noted that they enjoyed time in “a hot tub.” After that, he seemed love-struck, but that didn’t stop her from accepting another date with Caleb. Acting like an insecure teen, Carrington literally pouted as she got ready for her date.

Immature and not likely to last with Kierstan

Fans think that Carrington acts a bit insecure and immature. After all, the whole point of the show is mixing and mingling to find true love. But, he can’t seem to accept Kierstan dating other people. Actually, she liked the attention that Caleb gave her. But, she’s not likely to stop looking around. Next thing, Calvin asked her for a date. Is she about to dump Carrington? Fans seem to think so.

Over on Twitter, fans commented on Carrington. It seems they still dislike him a lot and think he’s very immature. One Love Island fan tweeted, “Carrington should be worried because he is a literal boy and clearly Kierstan knows that.”  Another commented about the fact that Calvin texted him and told him not to stay up. They wrote, “If I liked Carrington, I’d feel sorry for him after getting that text.” Others think Kierstan and Carrington won’t last in the long run.

New boys might push Carrington out

One fan predicted, “does this mean that Carrington might get eliminated? i might be liking the new boys for that one reason.” Ouch! Another one commented, “Sheesh James and Carrington are getting all possessive over girls they met not even a week ago. Red flags much?” Actually, women get way put off by “possessive” men.  

As one Love Island fan pointed out, “Carrington, I can tell you now, this “she’s already mine” attitude will NOT take you far. In matter of fact it will take you further away from her.” It certainly looks like Carrington’s insecurity brings out jealousy problems. So soon in the show, that’s probably not a good sign. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.”

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