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Jeremy Vuolo Tweets & Deletes Insensitive Post About Drowning

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Jeremy Vuolo tweeted and hours later deleted what most are agreeing was a truly insensitive and disrespectful post. What did Jeremy Vuolo’s insensitive tweet say? Keep reading to find out!

What did Jeremy Vuolo’s insensitive and disrespectful tweet say?

Unfortunately for Jeremy Vuolo, once you post something on the internet you can never truly take it back. Sure, he deleted it from his profile. But, he left it on his profile for at least four hours before removing it. In that time, tons of people took screenshots of the tweet. In those four hours, tons of people got upset about what he tweeted. So, there was certainly no taking back what he said.

Now, we’ve done a little digging. And, thanks to a Reddit thread, we’ve been able to find exactly what it was his insensitive tweet said.

“Would you rather: a) Drown in a swimming pool; or b) Be crushed by the jaws and teeth of a massive dog-like creature that is 4000x bigger than you. I know, it’s a tough one.” His tweet read.

The responses to the insensitive tweet remain on Twitter.

Considering his wife Jinger’s grandmother Mary died by drowningCounting On fans were horrified when they stumbled upon this tweet. Many agreed it was hugely disrespectful to his wife Jinger. And, they couldn’t believe he would share something so awful on social media. Furious Counting On fans did not hold back tearing into the reality TV star. He was crucified for what he posted on Twitter.

On Reddit, those who trolled the family were just as upset.

Now, you don’t venture onto the Duggar Snark section of Reddit and expect to see positive things about the Duggar family. But, the Duggar Snark thread dedicated to this tweet… Well, they pretty much agreed with what Counting On fans had to say. They couldn’t believe Jeremy would post something so insensitive. Did he have any respect for his wife?

Reddit users urged him to “read the room” before posting something so awful again.

“He seems sadistic at times towards Jinger. I honestly fear for her more than the other girls. The Ted Bundy turtlenecks only add to my fears.” One Reddit user penned.

Really sensitive tweet from Jeremy, considering that Grandma Mary drowned… from DuggarsSnark

Another chimed in: “It wasn’t like she drowned a long time ago either, it was literally last year. Way too soon to joke about drowning.”

Others pointed out that it was a known fact Jinger was especially close to her grandmother. And, Mary’s death broke Jinger’s heart. So, why would he post something so awful?

So, do you have thoughts on Jeremy Vuolo’s insensitive tweet? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, stick with us for the latest Duggar related news.

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