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‘LPBW’: Matt Shares Adorable Video Of Jackson Picking Apples

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LPBW fans love it when Matt Rofoff and his grandson Jackson get out and about on the farm. Ever since he was a tiny boy, Jackson waited outside the shed, hoping Matt would take him for a ride on the mule. This weekend, the Little people, Big World star and Jackson went apple picking together.

LPBW – Summertime means apples and berries for Jackson

In Oregon, the blackberry season usually runs between July and September. And, the apples might run for a longer period. We reported that as the berry season fades, Matt took Jackson berry picking about a week ago. Jackson ate a lot of them out there in the orchard. But, Matt told him he better hurry up as they start running out now.

This weekend, Matt and Jackson went to the apple trees. Matt picked an apple for Jackson, but it had “some bad spots.” Matt explained they don’t use chemicals on their apple trees. So, some of the fruit gets spoiled. But then, Jackson went off to pick some apples of his own. And, it’s not that easy for a boy with little hands.

Jackson picks apples for the family

Jackson’s a  little boy, so he can’t reach up high. And, he’s way too young for a ladder. Matt’s apples look carefully thinned, and he gets some good-sized fruit off them. Plus, the bottom of the trees never got pruned back. However, that means even Jackson can reach the lower branches. Off he went and picked a few of the nicer ones.

The LPBW patriarch reminded him he needs to pick quite a few for other people. And, he seemed keen on that, But, the little TLC star struggled a bit pulling the apples off the tree. Actually, it takes a bit of a knack getting it right. It helps to twist and then pull to get them off. So, Matt instructed Jackson on that. And, he soon got the technique right. It also helps to not bruise the apples.

Matt says he hopes to teach Jackson how to bake an apple pie

In his caption on Instagram, Matt said, “I’m going teach this little fella how to make Apple pie… just as soon as I can find the right YouTube video to show us both how.” Well, the chances are good that maybe Caryn, Jackson’s ChCha ends up doing that. Maybe there’s a good chance that the family enjoys lots of apple pie as they live on a farm.

Fans of LPBW love that Jackson grows up on the farm. And, they love it even more that Matt enjoys such great quality time with his grandkids. One fan wrote, “you are such a good Grandpa!! I bet he will always remember [these] days at the farm just the two of you and your adventures! 💕💕💕.”

What did you think about the cute video showing Jackson out with Matt Roloff picking apples? Sound off in the comments below.

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