Do You Think Beth Survived In The ‘Yellowstone’ Finale?


The last fifteen minutes of Season 3 Yellowstone finale was very dramatic, to say the least. There was an attack on all the members of the Dutton family. Do you think Beth survived? It seems Jamie was spared his life, but he’s not a Dutton.

In the end, Kayce was on the phone telling Monica about the townspeople’s visit.  They want him to be governor. That’s when gunshots rang out. The last thing we see is Kayce flipping his desk over and hiding behind it as Monica yells into the phone, “Kayce! Kayce!”

John Dutton’s Bad Day

John Dutton, however, was having a rough day already. He’d just come from a tense meeting with Governor Perry, Beth, Jamie, Chief Rainwater, and Market Equities. Dutton came across a woman and her child broke down on the side of the road. Just as he’s about done helping them, a mysterious van pulls up. John hollers it’s all good when the van door opens and a man asks, “Are you John Dutton?”

As soon as John says yes the man starts shooting him and takes out the woman as well. Hopefully, the child was hiding in the bushes. Thankfully, John’s phone seemed to block a bullet to his heart. Viewers aren’t sure if he’s going to be alright yet.

Beth Dutton Of Yellowstone

Poor Beth Dutton seems as if she took the brunt of the abuse. Viewers don’t know if Beth will make it through this time. If this wasn’t television, she would surely be dead. A giant bomb exploded with enough blast to blew out windows. Since we can’t have Yellowstone without Beth Dutton., there are clues she may have survived the blast.

One reason Beth may survive is her fiance, Rip Wheeler. Actor Cole Hauser who plays Rip sees a time where Rip and Beth could end up together. Cole has said, “You’re going to see how it shakes out at the end, but… That relationship could go in many different ways, but I think it could go in the way of us being together.”

Rip also had his dead mother exhumed to get the ring she was wearing to give to Beth. Strangely, he holds his mom’s hand and tells her “Maybe you can meet her in a way.” Hopefully, that doesn’t indicate Beth will meet her because she dies.

According to Esquire Beth could’ve ducked down under a desk. Her new assistant surely didn’t make it, since she’s the one that opened the box. However, Beth had a good 15 feet between her and the assistant. Fans think she could’ve made it but not without more scars and injuries.

Anything can happen when it comes to television. We will all just have to wait and see when Season 4 of Yellowstone comes back on Paramount.

What did you think of the Season 4 finale? Tell us in the comments down below.

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