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‘Sister Wives’ Mom Christine Brown Scrambles To Pay Massive Medical Debt

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Sister Wives fans grew irritated with Christine Brown in June this year. It came when she told her LuLaRoe followers she needs to find $50, 000 for surgery. Fans assume she needed to for Ysabel’s back surgery. Now, she revealed another massive medical debt as she scrambles to raise more money.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown scrambles to find cash for medical bills

We reported that Christine urged her LuLaRoe buyers to purchase because of a surgery. At the time, she mentioned that the $50k she looks for is the “downpayment she needs with insurance.”  She never said who the money was for, but fans guessed it related to Ysabel’s scoliosis. At the time, fans thought Kody Brown probably acquired rather feeble insurance.

Now, it looks like the Sister Wives patriarch at least provides some sort of insurance cover. But, six years ago, The Sun reveals he didn’t have any. Fans probably recall that little Truely fell very ill. In fact, back in 2014, the family feared for her life. The sweet little girl ended up in kidney failure. After 11 days in the hospital, the Browns took their daughter home.

Truely’s hospitalization cost the Browns $450k

Nowadays, Truely’s a lovely young girl, growing toward a bright future. But, the legacy of that illness really hurts Christine financially. The outlet noted that these days, she scrambles to find ways to make money to help clear that nearly half-a-million-dollar debt. The Sun noted that during an online session, Christine revealed that Kody didn’t have any medical insurance cover at the time. And, to this day, she still “gets calls” urging her to make payments to clear it.

Fans already know that Christine followed Meri Brown into the LuLaRoe MLM. Some people speculated that Christine might feel jealous. Reportedly, Meri does rather well with the outfit. But now, it sounds like Christine really needs any source of income she can find to clear that debt. The Sun notes that the Sister Wives star started selling vitamins as well. Truely’s mom also started selling Cameos in her efforts to earn some cash.

Selling vitamins to clear a debt

Christine partnered with the Liv brand. And, fans sound excited about the products. But, they also slam Kody because he never took out medical insurance. Fans know that Kody also faces a payment for the car accident his son Paedon had several years ago in Las Vegas. Fans also slam him for moving the family to Flagstaff in Arizona.

In the last two seasons of Sister Wives, fans saw Kody and the family stressed about selling the Vegas homes. They sold very slowly, bringing even more financial hardship to the family.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Facebook
Christine Brown on Facebook via The Sun

Many fans actually wonder if Kody makes an effort with bringing money into the coffers. They also wonder how on earth he afforded all the land and houses they bought in Flagstaff. Actually just the one property could have repaid that medical debt twice over.

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