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‘LPBW’ Stars Amy Roloff And Chris Just Did An ‘Epic’ Bike Road Trip

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LPBW fans know that Amy and Chris started their relationship when he took her for a ride on his motorbike. Very much in love, during the quarantine period, Chris spent a lot of time helping her get her new home ready. Amy really loves a hardworking man, we reported. But, she loves hitting the road with Chris on his bike as well. They just got back from an “epic” road trip.

LPBW – Amy Roloff and Chris Marek adventure on the bike

Almost exactly two years ago, Amy shared that she and Chris went on a wonderful road trip. She shared on Facebook, “On the road on a motorcycle trip with Chris and Lisa and Paul. Went up in Victoria BC Canada, San Juan islands Washington and along the coast. Just beautiful. The Plan B trip turned out fantastic and has been wonderful.”

This year it’s possible the LPBW stars feared COVID-19 might prevent another trip like that. But, as the country opens up a bit more, they managed another trip. This time, the Little People, Big World couple went to Idaho and reached Sun Valley. Amy shared a lovely photo of them standing in the hills overlooking the forests below. A lot of other photos showed them enjoying themselves on the trip.


Amy describes the bike road trip as ‘epic’

On her Instagram post this week, Amy described their trip. She said, “Another ‘annual’ awesome epic motorcycle trip (a week ago) with ♥️ Chris and friends.” She said that once again, she loved riding “behind” Chris.. This time, they went off to explore more of “Oregon and Idaho and the beauty of the NW.” They traveled through “Eastern Oregon.”

Along the way, they stopped off with friends and then moved on as a group into Idaho. Amy described it as “just beautiful.” She enjoyed seeing much “more of America.” Amy seemed particularly happy as they explored the “backroads.” Then, the LPBW star added, “Great ride. I loved it and hope to do and see more. Chris plans the whole route (big job) and it was fantastic. We needed this trip and so glad we got to still make it happen. Love riding with my man.”

Fans react and one person identified with divorce

One TLC fan sounded so happy for Amy. After all, they also went through a divorce. They wrote, “I love your life Amy. I lost my kids to divorce. Worked so much I forgot to forge friendships. I see how you transitioned with your integrity, dignity and a group of non judgmental friends to support you.”

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Another ‘annual’ awesome epic motorcycle trip (a week a go) with ♥️ Chris and friends. I was excited and happy to ride behind him again and see more of Oregon and Idaho and the beauty of the NW. We rode on the back roads through eastern Oregon and Idaho to Sun Valley. Just beautiful. Love traveling and seeing more of America. We stayed at Angela’s house (who rode w/ us to Idaho) and had a great time time riding the backroads there. Thank you so much. Gracious hospitality. Great ride. I loved it and hope to do and see more. Chris plans the whole route (big job) and it was fantastic. We needed this trip and so glad we got to still make it happen. Love riding with my man 🏍♥️ #motorcycleride #backroads #storyofamyrandchrism #goodfriends #sunvalley #maryhillwinery #easternoregon

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Actually, with the help of her friends, and support from the family, Amy moved on with Chris after she and Matt divorced. These days, fans agree she and Chris look very happy together. Certainly, those road trips on the bike always bring a smile to the LPBW star’s happy face.

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