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Gwendlyn Brown Shuts Down Tabloids, She Was Never In The Closet

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Gwendlyn Brown has been the talk of Sister Wives fans for a little while now. Fans speculated she might be yet another one of Kody Brown’s children to be a part of the LGBTQ community in spite of the family’s strict faith. It was Gwendlyn Brown’s label as a “raging bisexual” on Twitter that really sealed the deal for Sister Wives fans.

Gwendlyn Brown indirectly confirms her sexuality on Instagram as well.

The daughter of Kody Brown confirms her preferred pronoun on Instagram is her/she. She also has a rainbow on her Instagram profile near the pronoun preference. The combination of this information is typically only offered by someone who is part of the LGBTQ community. But, the question is: did Gwendlyn Brown just come out of the closet recently? Or, is it possible that fans and tabloids only just noticed the information. Has this actually been on her profile for a while now?

Without a Crystal Ball retracts statement, says she was never in the closet.

Now, there is a difference between a good reporter and a great reporter. And, it is their willingness to retract a statement. A little less than a week ago, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball created a video that told the story of Gwendlyn Brown coming out of the closet. At Tv Shows Ace, we reported on Gwendlyn Brown being a “raging bisexual” and what exactly that label means.

But, it turns out… This wasn’t Gwendlyn Brown coming out of the closet. In fact, the Sister Wives star insists she was never in the closet. So, there was no closet to come out of. And, because she refers to herself as a “raging bisexual” this makes sense. As this phrase is used to refer to someone who is both comfortable and proud of their sexuality.

According to Katie Joy’s video, someone sent Gwendlyn Brown a link to the video about her coming out as bisexual. And, it didn’t appear as if she was too happy about it. In fact, Katie reveals that Gwendlyn speculates those claiming she “came out of the closet” just wanted to “earn clout.” After all, what could be juicer than a member of the Sister Wives cast coming out of the closet?

Katie Joy’s followers were supportive of the retraction. Many admitted they appreciated the correction. And, they really enjoyed how she reported someone’s sexuality in a respectful manner.

So, do you think tabloids jumped the gun? Has Gwendlyn Brown always been “out of the closet”? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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