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’90 Day Fiance’ Alums Darcey & Stacey Silva Discuss Their New Spin-Off And How They Go With Their Heart

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90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days alum Darcey Silva and her twin sister, Stacey Silva, are fan favorites of the TLC reality franchise. Darcey has been chasing her long-distance lovers, while Stacey tries to keep her sister grounded. As they branch out in their own spinoff, Fox News interviews the over-the-top glamorous pair.

Darcey & Stacey stars open up about new spinoff

Darcey and Stacey Silva, 45, are well known for their drive and glamour. Both made their names in the TLC reality show 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days and are now branching out with their own show. Both twins are mothers of two, with Darcey bringing up teenage daughters and Stacey raising teenage sons.

Fox News interviewed Darcey and Stacey about their road into reality TV and their own spinoff show, Darcey & Stacey, premiering August 16. The setting is their own home, bought by their father Mike, in Middletown, Connecticut.

The twins have traveled widely in the world. According to Darcey, they traveled from the age of 3, heading to London, Japan and Singapore. They went to school internationally and have also lived in many places in the U.S. However, she says Connecticut is where their roots are and it will always be home for them.

The Silva sisters and love

In their new home in Connecticut, Darcey is getting over her failed relationship with her British beau, Tom. As for Stacey, she has been engaged for five years to her Albanian fiancé, Florian Sukaj. Stacey and Florian have been approved for the K-1 Visa and will have 90 days to marry once Florian is in America. However, after photos of Florian with another woman surfaced online, Darcey has doubts about his commitment to her sister. In the first season of Darcey & Stacey, both sisters will be looking for love and stability.

Talking to Fox News about dating, they are asked if they have considered going a different way on the dating spectrum. Darcey says that makes total sense. She says she and her sister Stacey have had a long life with many relationships. Both were married and both are now divorced. The latter even happened on the same day.

The twins lived in Los Angeles for around eight years and had several on-and-off relationships. Darcey says she tried dating a different way at that stage and it was fun. It basically taught her what she doesn’t want in life. Darcey adds that now they are back home in Connecticut, they are first and foremost moms to their teenagers. However, she does believe they both deserve soulmates in life. She said there are plenty of fish in the sea and she has been “diving deep” to find hers and is happy that she’s tried.

Both twins explain they are very emotional women and, being twins, they feel each other’s energy. They feel whatever the other is going through and they both deserve to find great love.

90 Day Fiance alum in Darcey & Stacey
Darcey & Stacey Silva [Image @TLC/Instagram]

Darcey & Stacey going through life together

When asked if either of them has gone against the intuition of the other, Stacey pipes up. She says everyone knows about Darcey’s past. Both her last two relationships were “toxic” and didn’t go well. Stacey says she could feel that was going to happen and voiced her concern, but Darcey had to go through it and grew from it.

Darcey stresses she has “definitely let of the past go.” She now knows what she wants in a relationship, Darcey doesn’t want to feel she is “walking on eggshells.” She admits to being a “yes” person much of the time and feels she shouldn’t have a relationship where she feels controlled or manipulated.

For Stacey’s part, she says they are both givers and she feels like sometimes that bites them in the butt. From now on, they will both be listening to each other more, even when they don’t want to hear it.

What message will Darcey & Stacey portray?

When asked what message they want to portray for viewers, Darcey says as moms, they have to be confident. They must be empowered for themselves and their kids. She says that is the only way they should be, as they want their children to look up to them.

Neither twin wants to involve their teenagers in a toxic relationship. They want them to know to stay strong and positive and to love themselves first and foremost. Darcey believes their children have seen everything they have gone through and have learned from it.

What will surprise viewers about the TLC reality spinoff?

When asked what might surprise their viewers, both twins said a lot of people will see them go through their ups and downs. The Silvas said this will be “maybe a little bit of the good, the bad, the ugly.” Fans will be able to see more of their lives and their personal relationships and how they stay strong throughout. Darcey says there will be a lot of fun times – “a little comedic” – and generally the best of both worlds. The Silva twins believe they will be very “relatable” to viewers and fans will get a sense of who they are. Hopefully, it will be inspiring to them all.

Watch the full interview on Fox TV and catch Darcey & Stacey when the new spinoff premiers on Sunday, August 16 at 10 pm EST on TLC.

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