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‘The Bachelorette’ 2020 Spoilers: Reality Steve Sets Record Straight On Clare Crawley, Dale Moss, Says Media Information Inaccurate

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Rumors have been swirling around the 2020 season of The Bachelorette. Clare Crawley has been the center of those rumors. Various reports surfaced about why Tayshia Adams is replacing her as the lead. Now, Reality Steve is sharing more information he has been finding out. And, his reports indicate the media has had it all wrong.

Reality Steve shares new details about Clare leaving the show

Tuesday morning, Reality Steve shared a new blog post that gave more insight into Clare leaving The Bachelorette. And, according to Steve, the media has had information all wrong. Initial reports said Clare was either communicating with contestant Dale Moss prior to filming or she was hard to work with. If she was hard to work with then rumors were flying she was fired. And, there were also reports she locked herself in a room refusing to go on a date. Steve dished all the facts he has today to put some rumors to rest.

According to Steve, Clare and Dale were in fact NOT talking prior to the show. They both creeped on each other’s social media, but that was about it. So, if that is true, they really did just hit it off instantly in California. And, it took only two weeks for Clare to be smitten with Dale.

Steve brought up a good point. Where does Dale stand in all this? Nobody has focused on how Dale feels about Clare. He has to reciprocate feelings in order for any of this to be true. Rumors have been flying they are already engaged. However, Steve says he cannot confirm that information. What he does know for a fact is that Dale and Clare are a couple and are together.

And, the biggest piece of false information involves Clare’s exit. Clare didn’t ask to leave the show. Steve says production saw how much chemistry they had together and approached her about exiting early with Dale. His theory is they knew the season was gearing up to be pretty boring so this would be their major twist to bring in a new Bachelorette since Clare was in love so early.

Other facts revealed

Photos have also surfaced in the past week showing Dale in South Dakota. Steve was quick to reassure everyone that Clare is not with him. Production would not take the chance of anyone seeing her and Dale together. He believes Dale will return to The Bachelorette bubble at some point before production wraps up.

Many have also wondered how many rose ceremonies had taken place prior to Clare leaving. Reality Steve believes there were four ceremonies.

Another rumor making the rounds was that Dale and Clare didn’t even have a 1-on-1 date. False information. Steve says they did, in fact, have a date.

He is still digging for more information and will fill everyone in when new details emerge. Stay tuned!

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