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‘OutDaughtered’ Quint Parker Kate Steals Danielle Busby’s Heart

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OutDaughtered fans know that Parker Kate worried her parents a lot at one stage. The little girl really hated her first pre-K nativity play and cried terribly. Plus, she showed a lot of reluctance to try out for school evaluations. In fact, she looked downright sad and distressed a lot the time, fans thought. But time moves on, Parker got the right attention, and now she just warmed Danielle Busby’s heart.

OutDaughtered, Danielle shares about heartwarming Parker Kate

On Monday, August 3, Danielle shared a photo of Parker Kate wearing a cute swimming costume and some swimming goggles. Danielle held Parker close to her as they enjoyed some time in the swimming pool. She captioned it with, “For a split second my PK told me she was 👉🏻MY 👈🏻 best friend …warmed my heart so much 💕…even if she followed it up with a “daddy too” …it still stole my heart!” Well, fans know that Adam first raised questions about Parker Kate when the quint showed signs of anxiety.

We reported that Adam stressed about Parker. But, it seems that when TLC covered the issues with Parker, Danielle wondered if she wasn’t just being naughty and attention-seeking. The clip that TLC shared revealed that “Adam and Danielle took Parker to an occupational therapist to assess whether anxiety is to blame.” Adam hoped a professional could help them both understand the problem and help Parker work through it. OutDaughtered fans saw the main effort at connecting with their daughter came from Adam.

Parker became very much a daddy’s girl

After getting some help and guidance, Adam spent a lot of time with Parker, helping her overcome her fears. In fact, he later shared a video that showed her smile for the first time in ages. These days, Parker seems well adjusted and quite at home in front of the cameras. It certainly seems that Parker and Danielle warmed toward each other as well, as they worked on guiding her through her anxiety.

In the photo that Danielle shared this week, Parker smiled sweetly and looked relaxed and confident. Fans loved the photo of the OutDaughtered quint with her mom. One fan wrote, “such a different little face since you guys took her to the therapist. She smiles a lot nowadays.” Another one wrote, “Parker kate you are adorable, i love you endlessly.” For a long time, Parker worried fans. But, as she blossoms and grows, many people feel a special love for the little TLC star.

Quint Parker looks confident enough to be a model

Many fans think that one day Parker may grow up and become a model, as she looks stylish and classy in photos the Busby parents share. Certainly, a year and a half ago, that would have been the furthest thought from their minds. What do you think about Parker warming her mom’s heart after years of difficulty expressing her fears? Sound off in the comments below.

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