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Exclusive Interview: Jaclyn, Kaley and Misty Talk ‘The Cowboy Way’

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TV Shows Ace recently got the chance to interview Jaclyn, Kaley and Misty of The Cowboy Way. Here is what the three women of this hit show on INSP had to say.

How did you feel about joining the reality television world? 

Jaclyn- This is a hard question for me because when I joined the reality television world I had quite a lot going on in my life. It had been about two years since I lost my husband, and I was trying to manage and ultimately sell his business. I was also working full-time as a pharmacist and raising a 2-year-old. This was all while beginning a new relationship with Booger. For all of these reasons, it is hard to describe how I felt about the show.


Being on a reality television show really came out of left field, and it was completely unexpected. Since it had not aired yet and they were still filming Season 1, I actually did not put too much thought into it because I had no idea it would take off the way it did. Overall, I think it worked out great for our family. Now that I see first-hand, the good this show has done for so many people, I realize it is all for a great cause.

Kaley- Honestly, I was not thrilled at first. Thankfully, over time I grew to love sharing our values and lifestyle with others.

Misty-It is such a surreal experience to be a part of the reality television world. I am well aware of how unique this experience is. Aside from the challenges it sometimes brings, I will forever be grateful for the platform that it has given my family. My absolute favorite aspect of being on The Cowboy Way is knowing that I get to be a part of a show that provides clean, family-friendly entertainment.

Was anything about your relationship shared that you were unsure about?

Jaclyn- I was unsure how I felt about having my wedding on national television. I am pretty private when it comes to my relationship and my family, and I did not want to have to “glam up” my wedding in order to make it television worthy. Because the wedding was a very big moment in our lives, and we had decided to share our lives with our viewers, I decided to go ahead and have it filmed.

The Cowboy Way

I made a commitment to myself that I was not going to change a single thing about the wedding in order to make it look better on television. I wanted it to be simple with a lot of flowers. The Barn at Water Oaks is so beautiful that it did not need much. I feel that I remained true to myself with the whole event. The wedding turned out perfectly, but it definitely makes you feel vulnerable when you share something that intimate with the public.

Kaley- One thing I was apprehensive about sharing was the birth of our children. We were filming Season 1 when our daughter was born, and I was still very unfamiliar with how things worked. It just made me nervous to share such a personal moment, but our production team handled it beautifully. They made me feel 100% comfortable during that time.

Misty-The tricky thing about being on reality television is that once you film something there is a chance it could be portrayed differently than expected. In the case of my relationship with Cody, I do think the show represents our relationship really well. The one and only point rarely mentioned is that Cody and I are also business partners!

After this experience on The Cowboy Way, would you do reality TV again?

Jaclyn- I would do anything that I felt was best for my family. Having this platform has not only opened doors for our business, but there are people who reach out to me and explain how we have inspired them to reach their goals. The number of young widows that are out there blows me away. When they hear my story, it gives them hope that they can find happiness and purpose again.

Kaley- Yes, I would be open to it depending on the show/concept.

Misty-I would most definitely be willing to be on reality TV again! This experience has given us some of the best memories and opportunities. The feedback that we get from our supporters and their stories of how watching our show has affected their lives gives such validation that we made the right choice to pursue this opportunity. A huge shout out to INSP for granting us seven seasons of fun.

Do you share on social media and if so what are your handles for The Cowboy Way fans to follow?

Jaclyn- You can keep up with my family on Instagram at @_jaclynbrown. I usually share to my story daily.

Kaley- Yes! I love connecting with people on social media. You can find me on Instagram: @_kaleythompson & @shopthewhitemag

Misty-I do share on social media!

Instagram: @mistyharris_   @fullmooncattle

Facebook: @MistyHarrisBama @FullMoonCattle

The Cowboy Way airs on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET on INSP. All 7 seasons are also available to stream on INSP.com, Tubi, YouTube, IMDb TV and Facebook Watch.

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