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‘Marrying Millions’ Season 2 Stars Nonie Creme And Reese Record Hope For More Seasons

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Marrying Millions Season 2 comes on August 5. The new couples include Nonie Creme and Reece Record. They live in Seattle where Nonie’s very successful and Reese is pretty much broke. Actually, they represent the second couple on the Lifetime show from Seattle. In fact, Reese hated the idea of filming for television. But now, he says he enjoyed it a lot.

Marrying Millions – more about Nonie Creme and Reese Record

The Seattle Times gave out a bit more info about the new and rather unlikely Marrying Millions couple. He usually lives in a “skate house” and seems rather uninterested in wealth. The outlet describes Nonie as “a beauty-products entrepreneur who was founding creative director of Butter London and is currently chief creative officer for Seattle-based BeautyGARDE.” Additionally, she already got some “experience on television, promoting beauty brands on Today.”

Nonie found out about the casting call for Marrying Millions via her “friend Nancy Peppler of Seattle’s Heffner Management modeling agency.”  Well, she applied and then spoke to Reese when the good news came back. But, he took it rather badly, saying that he doesn’t even “support TV.” In fact, he hates even watching television. So, initially, he felt rather unhappy about featuring in the Lifetime show. However, he told the outlet that once they started filming, he found it “the most fun ever.”‘

Reese with little money marring rich Nonie

Reese works here and there. He did some “audio/visual work at live venues.” Plus, he works sometimes as an arborist. At one stage, he assisted with building “skate parks.” 17 years younger than Nonie, fans probably wonder what on earth they find in common. Well, the show no doubt reveals that as they deal with freaked-out family and friends. And, they hope for a return to Marrying Millions in the future. Nonie said, “We’d like to think our story will be compelling enough that people would want us to come back season after season and see what we’re up to and where we go with this.”

Meanwhile, perhaps Reese should expect some trollers once the show starts. After all, his Instagram handle’s “greesemoney.” Over there, he got a few comments from his friends. One said to him on a promo for the show, “ye bruh don’t forget about your homies when your [a] big and famous player.” Another one commented, “This is so rad!!! I’m definitely watching this!” So, Marrying Millions got another fan, it seems.

It’s not clear just how genuine Reese is when it comes to love. But, he seemingly respects his partner’s achievements as he called Nonie a “Boss B-tch”  in his hashtags on a photo he shared of her on July 9. In other random news, the Marrying Millions wannabe also revealed relatives who live in Portland and an obvious passion for skateboarding.

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