Jenelle Evans dyes the kids hair

Jenelle Evans Dyes The Kids Hair In Fun Family Day – Loyal Fans Slam Critics

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Jenelle Evans and David Eason went off to Walmart and picked up some hair dye. Janelle planned on dying her hair white. Meanwhile, David cut his hair and thought a silver look might be great for him. And, the kids ended up wanting their hair dyed as well. Jenelle shared a clip of Kaiser getting his hair done on Instagram. Plus she shared a longer video on YouTube, It looks like the kids enjoyed themselves very much. But, many critics got in Jenelle’s face about it. However, loyal fans stood up for the MTV alum.

Jenelle Evans and the family shop for groceries and hair dye

Jenelle said in her video on YouTube that she really hates shopping. But sometimes, groceries need replenishing. So, they decided while shopping, they’d pick up some hair dye. Ensley, Maryssa, and Kaiser went in with them. And, the kids got quite enthusiastic about selecting the dye. Meanwhile, David season really liked the metallic silver-colored dye. Making it a bit of a fun family project, Maryssa chose black. But, Kaiser could only choose a range from the non-permanent dyes. He chose the Midnight Blue.

Actually, Jenelle and the kids often enjoy this type of fun activity. In June, Jenelle Evans shared about the kids getting their non-permanent tattoos. And, Kaiser and Ensley looked very cute with theirs. E!News reported that since she got custody back last year, Jenelle shares a bit about spending “quality time” with the kids. In May, they all went boating together. And, during the coronavirus, they get up to all sorts of fun activities on “The Land.”

Teen Mom alum gets hate for dying the kids’ hair

The Teen Mom alum gets bashed a lot on her social media. In fact, it seems trolls think it’s some sort of national sport these days. Naturally, after sharing about the hair dye day, many of them went after her, simply because they can. Over on YouTube, Jenelle blocked comments. But, Instagram seems to attract trolls by the dozen.

But, on the flip side, lots of fans enjoy seeing the family out and about enjoying themselves. One fan wrote, “Yall should do a daily family vlog. It’s nice to see you guys just doing your thing.” Another one commented, “😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍😍😍😍 I loved and enjoyed the YouTube video! Xoxoxoxox.” But, inevitably, trolls came along and upset the fans of Jenelle Evans.

Trolls annoy fans on social media, loyal fans slap black

While trolls might think they annoy the reality TV star, they also annoy other loyal fans who like Jenelle. One person commented, “Omg 🤦🏻‍♀️ did u run that by his father. Dying his beautiful blonde hair blue, really.” Obviously, they never clicked through and watched the full video. A fan commented, “omg 🤦🏼‍♀️ did you not pass seventh grade…here’s ground breaking information for you, don’t tell anyone as it’s a secret… washes out..shhhhhh.”

Another troll said to Jenelle Evans, “What is with u mom’s dying your kids hair they are to young for that kind of stuff, let their hair be natural SMH, (sic).” Fans slapped back saying, “no better time to have fun colored hair than when you’re a kid. Plus learn to read before you judge Karen, she said its temporary.” Actually, other trolls who commented got told by a lot of fans they also messed about enjoying fun dying their family’s hair during coronavirus.

Other fans like that trolls get a bit of a slap back these days. One troll got asked if their “duck lips are permanent” as well. That got a few loves from those people sick to death of all the trolling on Jenelle Evans’ account.  What do you think about the Teen Mom alum dying Kaiser’s hair? Is it really a big deal? Sound off in the comments below.

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