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Jenelle Evans Shares Photos Of The Kids With Tattoos & Fans Support Her

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Jenelle Evans took to her Instagram on Sunday this week and shared photos of the kids. Ensley and Kaiser looked well-covered in tattoos. And some fans admit they just went “there for the comments.” But, if people looked for drama, very little came. In fact, people liked the tattoos and want some for their own kids.

Jenelle Evans shows off the kids, Ensley and Kaiser with their tattoos

Jenelle captioned her photos with, “We had a lot of fun today.” Her hashtag spoke about “summer vibes.” Fans ready know that the kids stay with Jenelle during the coronavirus. They’ve been on ‘The Land’ with Jenelle since about April. In fact, the Teen Mom 2 alum and her kids all seem in a good place. The kids spend a lot of time in the pool. Plus, David takes them out on his boat from time to time. Jenelle shares a lot of short video clips and photos that show all the kids seem to have a blast these days.

In her photos, Ensley and Kaiser posed together in a few shots. Then, individual shots revealed they wore them on their backs as well. Well, tatted up, the kids looked very happy with their afternoon of fun. Not all fans take joy in trolling. And, straight away they got the fact that the tatts are not the permanent kind. Many fans waited for nasty comments to roll in. But, one fan commented that the post seemed remarkably free of nasty people for a change.

Teen Mom 2  fans want the same tattoos for their kids

Despite leaving the Teen Mom MTV show, Jenelle Evans retained many of her plentiful fans and they liked the tattoos. And really, as one fan noted, there wasn’t much to troll on anyway. They said, “Nothing wrong these are kids just being kids care free. most of us would get the tattoo out the Cracker Jack box when we were younger.” A fan who wears her own tattoo commented, “Those are cute! Can’t tell you how many times kids tell me they want a tattoo because they see mine.”

Well, for those people in that position, the removable tatts are available. According to one of Jenelle Evan’s fans, they range from “between $5,$10 or $15.” They last for about one to two weeks. But, if the kids spend a lot of time in the water, or use a lot of sun lotion, they come off sooner. Still, others feel that a few dollars buy kids happiness for good while. So, they felt it not too expensive. The Blast noted that the tattoos Jenelle Evans showed on the kids came from “a company called Tony Ray Tattoos.”

What did you think of the tattoos? Plenty of people agreed they looked really nice and good fun for kids. Sound off in the comments below.

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