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‘Married at First Sight’: Some Early Hints about Henry and Christina

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Season 11 of Married at First Sight from New Orleans saw three of the five couples from “The Big Easy” taking the very big leap for forever love last week on the arranged marriage experiment on July 22.  Karen and Miles, Woody and Amani, and Brett and Olivia all made it official.

Fans are in a frenzy to see what kind of Married at First Sight odyssey lies in store for the loving, free-spirited pair of Bennett and Amelia next week.  One secret that is no longer secret is that the two have met one another before.

Viewers will finally know whether the prior encounter between the young doctor and her theater director, pedi-cab driver, playwright, and landscape assistant groom was remembered as a pleasant diversion or a bad taste in the mouth.  Devotees are cheering for her these two to last.  Their moms, Deb and Polly, could also pull off their own reality show if Lifetime should extend an offer.

Many faithful fans wonder if Amelia is the woman who was involved with Bennett six months ago.  Whatever the case, the man has wonderful taste in meaningful pebbles.

The other couple set to wed is Henry and Christina.   The previews of their big day show Christina swinging from “I’m ready– I can’t wait to meet him,” to taking a nervous selfie and telling her bridesmaids that she’s not moving from the spot where she is.  At the altar, Henry says “it’s getting real…” before the Married at First Sight camera fades.

In a July 22 International Business Times feature, Christina discloses that she was shocked to be matched with someone so different.  What characteristics do these hopefuls have going for them?

Married at First Sight bride Christina like things simple but spontaneous

Christina described how delighted she would be if her husband came home with a bouquet of flowers for her during her profile in the Married at First Sight preseason kickoff specials.  The bride-to-be came to tears just talking about how her grandfather was the only man to give her flowers.

“I know what it is to be alone at night,” she related.  She also posed a self-reflective question—“Is there a target on my back?”  She has had a string of guys who weren’t ready for a serious relationship.

While Christina may love simple gestures, she also has a job that takes her to all parts of the globe as a flight attendant. She likes to see the world, and her groom told In Touch Weekly last week that his Married at First Sight mate could book a “random flight across seas one or two days in advance and totally enjoy herself.”

Henry, on the other hand, is a planner who likes to have every detail worked out in advance.  Still, after several sleepless nights, he was willing to take the risk and dive into love, just like his Married at First Sight bride.  Can they trust the process over past experiences and preferences for their “types”?

Henry is the ‘polar opposite’ of Christina in their match

Christina’s friends were not at all surprised by her desire to do a little something risky to find love.  Her mother loved her dress, and all her friends and family welcomed the idea that the experiment would keep her closer to home over traveling all the time.  Because of COVID-19, trips were limited to “three or four” during the experiment.

What most surprised this bride was that her chosen husband was not just different than her, but the “polar opposite” of the woman he was meant to stay with for life after Married at First Sight. Christina concedes that the point of the reality show is to see if someone who would not normally be chosen by a participant can ultimately be “the one.”

Can Christina and Henry create the right Married at First Sight pull?

Christina calls Henry “routine” and very set in his ways.  One thing going for this groom is that he’s got longtime female friends.   He was the one who saw Brett making moves on one of those friends at the bachelor party, and declared that his future wife “would have to put up with a lot.”

Henry may not lead an exciting life, but he is the model of maturity and stability that Christina claimed she craves.  He has also faced life-and-death at an early age, requiring surgery for a leaking heart valve. The health crisis made him more keenly aware of having someone who truly cares through life’s ups and downs.

The adage is that opposites attract, but the daring Christina described the most difficult part of her Married at First Sight stint has been “sleeping in bed with a complete stranger.”  She also insists that she doesn’t want to always be the one spicing up things with spontaneity and fun, so let’s hope Henry can get creative with things on his end.

Christina says her friends watch Married at First Sight much more than she does, but she is inspired by Elizabeth Bice, who learned her own lessons about the right way to fight and the right way to love with her hubby, Jamie Thompson, through Season 9.

Are you excited to see Henry and Christina take their vows? Can they overcome the Married at First Sight hurdles and go the distance? Speak out in the comments.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday on Lifetime.

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