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Kaitlyn Bristowe Convinced An Alien Arrived In The Home She Shares With Jason Tartick

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Kaitlyn Bristowe told fans a few days ago that Jason went to Buffalo to visit with family She really missed him a lot and rambled on about how she loves him. Well, he returned and it seems just as well. On Wednesday, July 22, Kaitlyn said she believed an alien invaded their home.

Kaitlyn Bristowe scared of the ‘alien’ invasion

Kaitlyn shared a number of videos on her Instagram stories and she looked and sounded really scared. She said that she thought some sort of alien creature invaded their home. The Bachelorette alum shared that it had wings and made weird sort of sounds that terrified her. Off-camera, Jason yelled that it really is an “alien” thing. Manfully, he hunted around as he thought it was dead. Jason killed whatever it was that terrified Kaitlyn. But, when he went to pick it up and look at it, the creature “resurrected” itself again.

That sounds pretty scary actually. But later, after literally terrifying then, the couple discovered this creature really doesn’t come from outer space. Despite making scary noises and zooming around, and seemingly resurrecting from the dead, it’s found on planet Earth. Later, The Bachelorette alum revealed that they identified it as a cicada. Kaitlyn Bristowe even shared some info they found on the internet about how they “play dead” in dangerous situations. Not that it helped, as the beetle’s now gone to insect heaven.

The Bachelorette alum screamed so loud she went hoarse

In the short excerpts we show below, they reveal that Kaitlyn Bristowe really got a huge fright when the creature arrived. She said that she screamed so loudly, she’s losing her voice. She gets a bit nervous around “bugs,” but this simply seemed too much for her. Even Jason Tartick seemed a bit unsure about this one.

Cicadas live pretty weird lives

USA Today revealed that some of the cicada species only live a few weeks. But every 13 to 17 years they come out of the ground and make a terrific din. They noted that “more than one type of brood may emerge in some areas at the same time because of staggered development, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.”

Some of the insects return “every summer.” But probably not where Kaitlyn lives. So, maybe Kaitlyn Bristow need not worry about them for another 17 years.

Actually, those scary noises that the “alien” made were just a way if calling for a mate. The males make the sounds. Sometimes, the sound they make that terrified Kaitlyn Bristowe reaches as high “90 decibels – as loud as a lawnmower.” And, no, they won’t kill you. But, if Jason Tartick hadn’t come home, Kaitlyn might have got an even bigger fright.

What do you think about Kaitlyn Bristowe being convinced at first, that they got invaded by an “alien?” Sound off in the comments below.

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