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’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Andrei Denies Being Rude To Elizabeth, It’s His Culture

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Fans of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? often criticize Andrei for the way he speaks to his wife Elizabeth. They always seem to be fighting in Andrei’s home country of Moldova. In an interview on Wednesday, Andrei, 33, and Elizabeth, 29, speak about the stress they are going through while planning their second wedding in Moldova. Andrei has insisted on this, as his family was unable to attend their Florida wedding.

90 Day Fiancé stars Andrei and Elizabeth and fighting

Fans first met Andrei and Elizabeth in Season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé. Elizabeth had met and fallen in love with Andrei in Dublin, Ireland where he was working as a bouncer. The couple has often had arguments over his controlling nature and Andrei doesn’t get along with her family. However, they did finally marry and settled in Florida.

During this season of Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? tensions have increased. This is particularly so in Andrei’s home country of Moldova. Elizabeth accuses him of his alpha-male attitude, while Andrei tells her she needs to “listen double.” He later mocks Elizabeth for her attempts to be a feminist. This is especially so when Elizabeth asks to be included in a conversation with him and his friends as she doesn’t speak Romanian.

Andrei and Elizabeth open up about his behavior

In an interview with Melicia Johnson of ET, Andrei opens up about his treatment of Elizabeth. He says he doesn’t think he is “rude” to her. Moreover, Elizabeth noted that men in her husband’s culture tend to be very “blunt” and “cutthroat.” She does acknowledge that many people might not be able to handle that.

Elizabeth handles it well and she says it might “come across as super rude.” However, to her, she understands him and knows where he is coming from. Elizabeth says she knows it is not a jab at her and he isn’t being intentionally rude to her. She believes it is his voice and accent that make it come over as rude, but she doesn’t take it that way.

Speaking of Day Fiancé fans and their reactions, the TLC reality star says when watching the episodes, she can see what they are seeing. She can also understand what fans are saying, but again, she knows her husband. Elizabeth says he would never purposely try to put her down. She describes him as a strong person and comes across as being really mean, but she understands him.

TLC bleeps out Andrei in Sunday’s episode

Sunday’s episode of Day Fiancé saw TLC bleeping out what Andrei said to Elizabeth during a particularly nasty argument. Andrei makes no apologies for that, saying he curses sometimes and he is not going to hide it. He laughs and says “I maybe curse a lot.” He says there was a “little bit of friction” in that scene of the reality TV show, after which they “exploded.”

Andrei points out that Elizabeth also has a strong personality and is often rude to him. However, he says that isn’t shown in the TLC reality show. Andrei says they put him in a bad light, but not her, and she is very stubborn.

90 Day Fiancé couple has nice words for each other

However, Andrei did have nice words to say about Elizabeth when asked what fans might not know about her. He says he thinks she is a sweetheart and is very loving, but she can “show her teeth.” When Elizabeth gets aggressive towards him, he handles it and he thanks her, he guesses.

Elizabeth says Andrei has a softer side than is shown on the reality show. She says he is “very romantic” and is a great father to their daughter, Eleanor. Describing Andrei as “super sweet,” she says he is a really goofy person at heard. He has a really “soft spot” for people that he loves, which doesn’t come out on the show. Because of this, Elizabeth says it can be stressful as sometimes you lose sight of your “actual self.”

Will Andrei ever get on with Elizabeth’s family?

Andrei is asked if he will ever be able to get along with Elizabeth’s family. He says there is always hope and “time will tell.” Andrei hasn’t been particularly grateful for the fact that Elizabeth’s dad, Chuck, paid for their Moldova wedding. Andrei says that is a normal situation, as he paid for everyone else’s wedding.

In the Sunday episode, Elizabeth and one of Andrei’s friends call out Andrei for being a stay-at-home dad. They ask how he can be the head of the household without having a job. However, he says he might continue this, as they plan to have another child in the next couple of years. As Elizabeth jokingly shakes her head no, he says it depends on the circumstances. Andrei went on to say it is about equality these days. If he can do it and she can work, “it is what it is.”

Watch the full interview on ET’s website and catch 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?  on Sundays at 8 pm ET/PT on TLC.

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