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Kanye West Confirmed His New Album ‘Donda’ Drops On Friday July 24

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Kanye West posted multiple disturbing tweets about Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner on Monday night. His rants intrigued Twitter as he raged about how Kim wants to lock him up. He compared himself to Nelson Mandela. It came after his presidential rally where he revealed he and Kim nearly terminated the pregnancy of North. But later, he revealed that his album dedicated to his mom drops on Friday, July 24.

Kanye West writes a song, Donda, dedicated to his mom

We reported that after his very long rant on Twitter, Kanye posted up that he just concentrates on his music now. A few hours later, he shared a tweet that said Donda comes on Friday. Entertainment Tonight reported that he talked about his new album on July 13.  On his Twitter he shared, “In loving memory of my incredible mother on her birthday.” He then shared a video where his mom recited the lyrics to the song. Then, Kanye took over and continued.

Now, Kanye West confirmed the date the album drops. He shared a screenshot that shows 12 songs in a 39-minute runtime. Thousands of fans reacted to the news. Some fans thought all the drama about Kim Kardashian and his allegations she wants to lock him up just drew attention to the album. One critic noted, “All this to promote an album.” But others defended Kanye. One responded with, “Lmao if you think KANYE WEST needs to fabricate a publicity stunt to promote his album… lol.”

Long album for Kanye

Fans noted that the last time Kanye dropped a long album that runs for more than 30 minutes came in 2016. But other fans still worry about his mental health. Plenty of them tell him to just go home and get some help. They think he melted down and lost his mind after the rally and the weird tweets. However, a fan noted, “yes bruh but just let him drop the album, y everybody opposed to him dropping the album like he can’t care abt his health and drop the album at the same time.”

However, very many people still stick with the promotional idea. More fans complained, like this one, “This was all a promo for a new album, He got us again.” But, if it is not just a promo ploy, many fans fear for him. Kanye sometimes acts out of character due to his bipolar disorder.

Some fans think the rapper’s Twitter rant sounded like a plea for help.  Earlier, he told Kim that he remained at the ranch. He told her to come and get him. Hopefully she went there to offer him some help.

What do you think about Kanye West going on a strange rant ahead of announcing that his new album drops on Friday? Was it a cry for help or just a promotional stunt? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.


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