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‘Below Deck Med’: Captain Sandy Yawn Posts About Eco-Friendly Superyacht In The Amazon

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Below Deck Med captain, Sandy Yawn lately took to sharing about Marine life and conservation. She sounded thrilled and intrigued by a superyacht that purports to be eco-friendly. Fans love that she shares about endangered species and many off them liked the idea of an eco-friendly yacht. But, others believe sending any vessel of that size into the Amazon seems a very bad idea.

Below Deck Med – Captain Andy shares about marine conservation apart from the Bravo show

Last week, we reported that Captain Sandy Yawn posted up some drone footage of a Blue Whale on her Instagram. Fans thanked her for sharing about the endangered animals. They love that someone who earns money from the sea actually cares about the conservation of the creatures. Well received, her post won many kudos from aware followers. After all, Sandy Yawn got many followers, and using her influence to bring awareness goes down well with people.

This weekend, the Below Deck Med captain shared about a superyacht. She found it on another page and reposted it. Actually, it looks very interesting as this huge superyacht navigates the Amazon. She captioned it with, “love looking at these superyachts and all things ocean. I found this one and was intrigued of its location. The Amazon!” Some fans loved the idea of the yacht as apparently, it’s touted to be eco-friendly. But others weren’t so sure.

Fans react to the eco-friendly superyacht

People agree the photo looks very nice. But one fan noted, “It’s beautiful, but looks out of place — such a modern machine in such an ‘old world’ habitat.” A few of them went to the account that Sandy tagged. Heading over there, people expressed their skepticism. After all, how eco-friendly can a superyacht actually be? Many people sounded critical there. But, bear in mind, Sandy Yawn never said she loved the concept. She merely told her fans that she found the idea intriguing.

Below Deck Med Captian Sandy never got slammed. In fact, one fan said to her, “Stunning! Thanks for sharing your passion with the world! Love watching you and your crew roam the oceans!!” But, on the Instagram account of superyachttimes, people slapped at the idea. Actually, it’s not the first superyacht in the Amazon. In 2012, their website mentioned two others. One person felt that if people persist on going there, at least this time, they make an attempt at eco-friendliness.

People who slam the idea of the yacht

Many fans of Below Deck Med don’t sound keen on the vessel. One pointed out, “Yeah right! Superyacht up the amazon river. Desaster waiting to happen, (sic).” Another person noted, “Very very bad idea to put that yacht in a river. first you would probably destroy the bottom and rhe propellers, then the engine water cooling system would suck all kinds of organic matter and animals and would overheat in a matter of minutes, (sic).”

What do you think about the superyacht in the Amazon that intrigues Captain Sandy Yawn? Sound off in the comments below.

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