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Did Meri Brown Admit She’s Single & Ready To Mingle?

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Is Sister Wives personality Meri Brown single and ready to mingle? Those who intensely follow her Instagram Stories certainly seem to think so. In fact, some believe Meri recently admitted she’s ready to “surrender” to being single and embrace her freedom.

Now, unfortunately, running to her Instagram profile and browsing through her most recent post posts won’t turn up any information. Why? Well, this isn’t something she posted on her profile. This information is being relayed through her Instagram Stories. And, as those who use Instagram know, Instagram Stories expire after 24 hours.

What exactly is Meri Brown posting on her Instagram Stories?

While some might consider it passive, Meri Brown has been posting a series of memes on her Instagram Stories the past week. Now, some might argue sharing a meme on her profile doesn’t really mean much. But, Meri Brown recently shared a meme about how a good parent supports their child regardless of their sexuality. So, the memes Meri Brown shares clearly mean something to her. So, it isn’t too much of a stretch for Sister Wives fans to draw conclusions about hidden meanings behind her memes.

Last week, Meri Brown took to her Instagram Stories to seemingly reflect on her relationship with Kody Brown. According to The Hollywood Gossip’s interpretation of the meme… The Sister Wives star did not appear to ever be happy in her relationship with Kody. Was their relationship doomed from the start? The meme suggested she was afraid and anxious to get out of the relationship. Even though she wasn’t happy being in it.

Meri Brown Instagram Stories
[Meri Brown Instagram Stories]
 “You are afraid of surrender because you don’t want to lose control. But you never had control, all you had was anxiety.” The meme read.

The outlet also reveals Meri shared a meme a week prior to the one above that was even more revealing.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive. But to thrive: & to do so with some passion. Some compassion, some humor & some style,” her previous telling Instagram Story read.

Moreover, the outlet reminds us that Meri Brown has also made it clear she’s ready for another man to love her.

I am free to become … to fail … to learn… I have the opportunity to be love … to be loved.”

So, is she single and ready to mingle?

Meri Brown has been very successful doing her own things (business wise) for a while now. So, she certainly doesn’t need Kody Brown to survive. Now, leaving Kody would probably axe her from the Sister Wives series. But, many fans have admitted they would love to see a spin-off featuring just her.

So, unfortunately, Meri Brown has not just bluntly come out and said she was no longer with Kody Brown. But, some of her memes the last few weeks have suggested that to be the case. Being that she is likely still under contract with TLC for another season of the series, it is possible she really can’t just come out and reveal the status of her relationship.

And, considering Meri Brown recently turned her Instagram comments back on… It certainly seems like she’s ready to mingle!

Do you think Meri Brown is single and ready to mingle? Would you like to see her with someone other than Kody Brown? Tell us about it in the comments!

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