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‘Below Deck Med’ Alum Peter Hunziker Breaks His Silence Since Firing

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Former Below Deck Med star Peter Hunziker claims he’s not a bad guy. He just got a bad edit on the show. The former lead deckhand spoke to Bravo Confessionals. It’s his first interview since Bravo fired him last month for a racist and misogynistic meme he posted on social media.

His time on the show was cut due to the inappropriate Instagram post and misogynistic comments made during the charter. In his first-ever interview, Peter said he’s trying to better himself. He also understands the mistakes he made and has learned a lot from his time on the show.

However, he doesn’t think he’s entirely bad. For one, he doesn’t agree that he was being creepy towards Christine “Bugsy” Drake. It was his behavior in the crew mess that led Below Deck Med fans to call him “Creepy Pete.” But he didn’t realize his behavior would be considered offensive to the crew and the viewers.

Below Deck Med alum Peter Hunziker claims he got a bad edit

In an exclusive interview with Bravo Confessionals, Peter Hunziker blamed production for focusing only on his “sweetheart” remarks. He also doesn’t believe he came off as creepy when he interacted with Bugsy in the crew mess.

“I was just being silly,” Peter explained. “I think they just didn’t know I was. It’s like I’m a very silly person and I can be very professional. I just kind of brought ‘Silly Pete.'”

During that same episode, Peter introduced viewers to both “Party Pete” and “Shameless Pete.” But viewers got a good taste of “Creepy Pete.” They didn’t find anything humorous about his remarks towards Bugsy. Peter also appeared confused as to why his comments make Bugsy uncomfortable. He claims that his behavior on the show is not the same as how he acts in real life.

“I just fronted a lot,” Peter said. “I was kind of putting my own show and wasn’t being myself and I thought that was what they wanted. And then I realized they didn’t.”

“There’s a fine line in the whole thing,” the Below Deck Med alum continued. “I definitely came in wide open, full throttle.”

But Peter did admit that he has “no filter” most of the time. He learned from that mistake and is cautious about how he acts towards others. Peter admits that he’s learned a lot from working on the yacht.

Peter still doesn’t understand the “sweetheart” drama

The Below Deck Med star doesn’t understand why it was wrong to call bosun Malia White “sweetheart.” Earlier in the season, Peter was demoted from his position as lead deckhand. Captain Sandy Yawn didn’t like it when he referred to Malia as “sweetheart” and diminished her role. During the interview, Peter claims he was “raised that way” when it comes to referring Malia as “sweetheart” at work.

“I’m from a small country town,” he admitted. “And it’s just like, I don’t know you, you go to Cracker Barrel and your waitress brings you your food and you say, ‘Thank you, sweetheart.’ I don’t know, it’s like a southern thing. I didn’t really realize or see it as disrespect. So I was kind of confused. And misunderstood too.”

But would he refer to his male boss the same way? Peter responded to the question with a smile on his face. “I mean, I would call him by his name,” he chuckled. Then Peter answered that he would probably refer to his male boss as “sir.” He claims that he called Malia “ma’am,” but now he’s not so sure.

Below Deck Med airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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