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‘VPR:’ Scheana Shay Explains Why She Chose Brett Caprioni For Her Steamy Music Video

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Scheana Shay opened up about her “One Last Time” music video. The Vanderpump Rules star explained why she chose Brett Caprioni for her steamy music video. She didn’t want to feature a real-life love in the video.

Everyone is aware of the infamous music video. It caused controversy on Season 8 of the Bravo series. Brett told Dayna Kathan that he felt “violated” by Scheana. He felt uncomfortable filming the music video with her.

Scheana hated how life was edited on the show. She previously took to Instagram to share the parts of the music video that fans didn’t get to see. Now, she’s revealing why she chose Brett as her love interest.

Scheana Shay dishes on her “One Last Time” music video

The Vanderpump Rules star didn’t want to associate her real-life boyfriend with a “one-time” hookup. Instead, she asked former VPR co-star Brett Caprioni to star as the leading man. She answered that question when she shared a new photo of herself in Brock’s arms as she declares her love for him. In the caption, the 35-year-old photo described the Australian fitness trainer and gym owner as her “rock” during this difficult time.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Scheana revealed that she suffered a devastating miscarriage during the sixth week of her pregnancy. On Scheana’s Instagram post, her followers commented that they’re happy that she found love after so much on heartbreak on VPR. But there was one fan who wanted to know why Scheana chose Brett as her leading man instead of her boyfriend, as per Inquisitr.

“Why was he not in your video instead of Brett?!” the follower asked.

“We met ONE month too late and it was $5k to reshoot, PLUS I didn’t want him in a video about ‘one last time’ and then moving on lol,” Scheana simply responded.

Brett felt uncomfortable filming Scheana’s music video

Vanderpump Rules fans remember the time when Scheana Shay and Brett Caprioni filmed the racy video. Some of the footage showed the pair rolling around in bed with barely anything on. In one scene, Brett spanked Scheana’s behind, and she held him down. After Brett shot the video with Scheana in Palm Springs, he said he felt “violated.”

Brett even told Scheana that the NSFW video made him feel uncomfortable. He felt that he could’ve easily slept with Scheana during that scene. He also told Scheana that he didn’t want to give her the wrong idea about their relationship after filming the intimate scenes together.

Scheana acted coolly towards Brett’s feelings. While sucking a popsicle, she told him it’s called “acting” and told him to get over himself. She also didn’t allow him to film any follow-up scenes. At the end of the music video, Scheana rides off on a motorcycle with a mystery man. Some of Scheana’s followers thought it was her new boyfriend, Brock Davies.

Bravo fired Brett Caprioni from Vanderpump Rules for his past racist tweets. Meanwhile, Scheana Shay happily moved on with her Australian hunk.

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