'Lost' star Josh Holloway stars in 'Yellowstone'

‘Yellowstone’ Star Josh Holloway Talks About The Show And His Career Since ‘Lost’

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Josh Holloway, 50, is well known for his role as the iconic James “Sawyer” Ford on the ABC hit series Lost. He has also starred in a number of popular shows. These include the CBS thriller Intelligence and the more recent USA sci-fi series Colony. Josh now has a new and exciting role. He stars as Roarke Carter on the hit series Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Season 3 and Josh Holloway

Holloway has now joined Season 3 of the cowboy drama series Yellowstone. The new season debuted on Father’s Day to almost 7 million viewers. This makes Yellowstone the highest-rated cable drama to date this year.

The series tells the story of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his family. The Duttons are ranchers, running the largest ranch in the country. The family is constantly facing off threats from politicians and developers. Holloway’s character, Roarke Carter, is a money manager and their latest threat.

Holloway was interviewed by the New York Post about his new role and why he wanted to star on Yellowstone. When asked what drew him to the series, he said it was his favorite TV show at that time. Josh spoke about Wyoming, where he was based at the time, saying it’s his “favorite place in the world.” He loves the scenic beauty and the cinematography, but he also loves Kevin Costner. Holloway said Costner is a legend and an honor to work with. He also knows the series creator, Taylor Sheridan, well.

Josh Holloway and Kevin Costner

Holloway was asked what working with Kevin Costner was like. He described meeting him as meeting one of your heroes. Josh really wanted things to go well working with Costner. He describes the famous actor as being “super nice and present and humble and really about the work.” Saying Kevin inspires him, Josh said he really enjoyed meeting and working with him. While you might think he would be somewhat distant, he says he is not and they had a good time working together.

Josh’s character Roarke Carter on Yellowstone

When asked about his character on Yellowstone, Josh describes him as being “up to no good.” He says Carter is “progress incarnate, the velvet hammer.” Holloway adds his character is coming down on you, whether you like it or not.

Holloway continues by saying Roarke Carter represents “big business bringing big things.” He is the Dutton family’s “worst nightmare.” This is because he can do things through the government. If he can’t buy the land, he will condemn it, which makes him a huge problem for the Duttons.

Holloway mentioned that it is “awesome” to be a guest star, instead of someone trying to carry the show. He says, “I just pop in and out. It’s fun.”

One thing that initially upset Holloway was the fact his character is not a cowboy, even though it is a cowboy show. He and Taylor Sheridan have ridden horses together and initially, Josh believed he would be a cowboy. When he told Sheridan this, he found it hilarious. However, he does love the character he is playing and he does get to fly fish, something else he is also good at.

Josh Holloway and Lost fans

Holloway was also asked whether Lost fans still approached him about his role as Sawyer on the show. He says it still happens a couple of times each week. However, Josh does say it makes a difference when he cuts his hair. He says when he has short hair and no beard, it is like the “Clark Kent disguise.”

Josh brought up a funny story that happened in Istanbul. He said he was watching an artist drawing Sawyer. At the time he had short hair. He watched the artist for 10 minutes. Holloway finally told him he had done a good job and the artist thanked him and carried on drawing. He didn’t recognize Josh at all.

Catch Josh Holloway on Yellowstone on Sundays at 9 pm EST on the Paramount Network.

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