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Savannah Chrisley Critics Slam Her For Not Wearing A Helmet While Tubing

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Savannah Chrisley just got slammed by fans on Instagram. She shared a video and some fans think she really acted recklessly. The clip showed her towed on a tube behind a boat. And, critics noted she wore no helmet. It sounds like Todd drove the boat from her caption. Plus, he laughed like a loon when she came off the tube. Fans of Chrisley Knows Best know that laugh well.

Savannah Chrisley went tubing, fans slam her for no helmet

On Instagram this Friday, Savannah shared that she and her family enjoyed some fun on the water. Lots of people go tubing and hardly anyone gets slammed for it. But, Savannah of Chrisley Knows Best got fans heated as she previously suffered a neck injury. The clip showed her on the tube as the boat went fast. They clung on but naturally, a big splash came and she ended up in the water. Her caption sounded lighthearted though.

She wrote, “This is my goodbye post…My body parts will most likely be spread across the lake this weekend due to @toddchrisley driving…or lack thereof! It was a good run y’all! 😂😘#lakelife.” One fan responded by saying, “No helmet? You could die from whiplash.” Well, that might sound like a Karen. But, another follower of Savannah Chrisley pointed out something important. They noted, “not to mention she already [broke] her neck once before in a bad car accident.” They think Savannah acted in a “stupid” way.

Fans usually enjoy Todd and his pranks

While lots of fans laughed about Todd and Savannah out on the lake, some fans think her childish and silly. One critic commented, “we are talking about Todd and Savannah.” That critic thinks neither of them displays “much sense.” Loads of fans loved the scene though, and plenty of them envied Savannah her boating fun with Todd. But, not all of them thought it so funny. One other follower commented that fun ends when people end up “hurt” or “sore.”

Mind you, despite all the critics, did you ever hear of anyone wearing a helmet while tubing? The helmet, after all, protects the head, not the neck really. It seems the critics worried about her previous neck injury, rather than about her cracking her skull open. VAULT Si points out the only time a helmet helps whiplash, is if a racing driver device tethers the driver’s helmet to a headrest connected to the shoulders.

The outlet notes that there’s no effective way that whiplash and neck injury gets protection in other sports. Perhaps critics should accept that sometimes people just get on with their lives and hope for the best. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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