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Bekah Martinez Reveals Baby Boy’s Name

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Bekah Martinez has been working on her newborn son’s name for a little while now. She and her boyfriend Grayston Leonard have two children now. Their daughter Ruth is one year old. Their son was born on June 19.

Previously, TV Shows Ace reported that Bekah was having a hard time coming up with a name for her son. She shared the process via social media. And, when she announced her baby’s birth, she let fans know they were welcome to leave suggestions in the comments. Prior to the baby’s birth, Bekah did reveal that she was having a boy. But, she waited to make a final decision on her son’s name.

Four days after his birth, Bekah was talking about the baby’s name and the ideas that she had. She didn’t want to choose anything too common, but she also didn’t want a name that was extremely unique either. So, five days after his birth, the Bachelor alum has finally decided on a name for her second child.

Bekah Martinez reveals baby’s name five days after birth

In the afternoon on Wednesday, June 24, Bekah shared that the baby had a name. But, she was still working on the photo shoot to announce his name to the world.

Then, in the evening, Bekah revealed her son’s name. She shared a photo of her baby boy swaddled in a blanket in a bassinet. The little one is fast asleep. To announce the baby’s name, Bekah stuck a “Hello, my name is,” sticker to her son’s blanket. On the sticker, she wrote his name, Franklin James.

The proud mom of two writes, “Only took us 5 days, but this baby’s got a name 🤗 Welcome to the world, Frankie J!

Bekah’s followers love the baby’s name

Though Bekah only recently shared the post revealing her son’s name, she’s already getting a lot of love. Bekah has over 650,000 followers on Instagram, so she naturally gets a lot of attention on social media. Plus, fans have been eagerly awaiting word on the baby’s name. As mentioned, the Bachelor alum has been keeping her followers up to date.

Fans are already commenting that they love the name and that it fits the baby boy perfectly. They are looking forward to more updates about Bekah, Grayston, Ruth, and Franklin.

So, what do you think of Bekah’s baby’s name? Do you like the new photo of her son? Share your thoughts below.

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