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’90 Day Fiance’ Star Angela Deem Reportedly Spent $3,000 On Botox And Fillers

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90 Day Fiance fans heard recently, that Angela Deem suffered from some bleeding. For a bit, she became excited at the thought she might be able to fall pregnant. Some fans grew concerned she might have some sort of medical problem. But, it seems nothing untoward happened and she’s busy sprucing herself up. She reportedly just spent $3,000 on Botox and Fillers.

90 Day Fiance stars all seem keen on botox like Angela Deem

Becoming a star on the TLC franchise seems to come along with an obsession for fillers and botox. Darcey Silva and Larissa Lima spring to mind. Ashley Martson Smith also went for it at one stage. Now, Angela decided enough is enough with this quarantine and dowdiness and took off to Atlanta for some bodywork. According to InTouch Weekly, she drove for “four hours” to see “Dr. Wright Jones.” There, she got her botox done and splashed $3,000 on it.

The 90 Day Fiance star now approaches her mid-50’s and could use a bit of filling and botox here and there. Most people her age would do it if they could afford it. Certainly, many people condemn cast members when they do it. But, Angela probably won’t do it to the point where she develops duck-like facial features. Sometimes it all goes wrong, as Deavan Clegg discovered in South Korea. But, Dr. Wright seems to have a good rep.

Not clear where Angela shared the botox and fillers

Looking online, it’s not clear where Angela shared about her trip for fillers and botox. But, she probably feels like the painful procedure’s well worth it. Recall that we saw her contemplating some body enhancements once before. In 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 days, she admitted she could look a bit younger. After all, she’s a lot older than Michael Ilesanmi. Notably, most people who criticize people like Angela still hold onto their youth. But, the day comes for everyone eventually when those wrinkles and bags catch up.

Body fillers and botox can’t fix weight problems much though. Angela’s busy promoting BoomBod products. Actually, many reality TV stars do that these days. She shared a post with part of the caption reading, “Halfway through @boombod’s shot program and I am loving it!” But Angela’s actually a plus size and fans think it takes more than that for her to slim down. Some suggest more exercise. But body-shaming’s not really very nice. Perhaps Angela just wouldn’t be the Angela fans love to hate on 90 Day Fiance if she really got glam.

What do you think about Angela Deem getting botox and fillers with Dr. Wright Jones? Do you think there’s anything wrong with it? After all, who really loves the idea of aging? And, fans know Angela smokes which really doesn’t help skin tone very much. Sound off in the comments below.

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