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’90 Day Fiance’: Fans Can’t Get Over Deavan Hinting On TV That Jihoon’s Got A Tiny Weenie

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way returned Deavan and Jihoon to TLC. They featured in the first season, and some fans seemed thrilled their story continues. In the new season, Deavan takes her mom across to Korea. Obviously, she hopes for backup when it comes to getting Jihoon to become more responsible. But one thing that really got to fans was the way she hinted that Jihoon’s got a tiny weenie.

90 Day Fiance sometimes delivers more reality than fans need to know

This week, fans of the TLC franchise heard all about Angela Deem starting her period again. Well, did fans really need to know that? Some of them think not. Now, they saw Deavan Clegg talking about condoms and she clearly hinted Jihoon’s got a tiny weenie. One fan noted, “Deavan is over here putting Jihoon’s business allllll over tv land with that xtra “snug” condom remark.”Another one pointed out, “Watching @90DayFiance the other way. Deavan really said “I got the extra snug size so they don’t fall off cuz that’s what happen last time with me.” Lol the disrespect on TV!”

Well, fans often complain about 90 Day Fiance showing more things than they really need to know. Recall the never-ending discussions between Laura Jallali and Aladin about the purple vibrator that she gave him. Fans thought the “purple friend” discussion would never end. But, many fans think Deavan took it to a low level talking about condoms and Jihoon. It came when she was packing to return to Korea with her mom.

Did Deavan need to be so explicit about Jihoon and condoms?

While packing, Deavan talked about the condoms she bought for Jihoon. She said, that she purchased some “extra snug” condoms. Deavan noted that the first time when she fell pregnant with Taeyang, his condom slipped off. Some fans wonder if she really needed to hold that conversation, If she really felt she needed to mention it why not just say she brought some condoms for extra protection? Some fans felt that she hinted at Jihoon’s small weenie and that’s disrespectful.

Meaww noted that at the end of the last season, Deavan and Jihoon lived with his parents. But in the current season, she chases him for a good job. She yearns for their own place. It seems she took her mom along for some backup. 90 Day Fiance fans didn’t like the way her mom told Jihoon that by the age of 30 he should already own a  house and have savings ain’t the bank. Poor Jihoon seems under a lot of pressure. And now, the whole world thinks he’s also got a tiny weenie as part of his many shortcomings in Deavan’s book.

Tiny weenie makes for good but tasteless TV fans think

While the tiny weeny hint might be great for television, some fans didn’t like it at all. In fact, one critic suggested that “Deavan probably poked holes in those condoms to trap jihoon’s *ss stop lying girl!” Another noted, “Wait. Did Deavan just say she bought smaller condoms so they don’t fall off like last time? Omg I’m dying.” But this 90 Day Fiance follower really thought the reference to his weenie was in very poor taste:

What did you think about Deavan hinting the small size of Jihoon’s private parts? Do you think it unnecessary and cruel? Sound off in the comments below.

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