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’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Seem Very Excited As Tom Brooks Announces His Upcoming Poetry Book

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90 Day Fiance fans either love or hate Tom Brooks. Long back, he claimed that TLC edits him and makes him look bad. Nevertheless, those fans who support Darcey Silva feel he’s just on the show for some fame. When news emerged he hit on Stephanie and Avery, plenty of fans criticized him. But, it seems that Tom retains a large loyal following. They seem totally excited as he announced a poetry book that he wrote comes out soon.

90 Day Fiance Tom Brooks announces his poetry book

On Sunday this week, Tom took to his Instagram. He shared a photo of him wearing his trademark suit and tie. His caption talked about his poetry book. Tom said, “Are you sitting comfortably now let us begin.” Then, he explained that he kept himself busy over ” the last “2 months writing a book and we are almost there.” Tom told fans that it’s “a poetry” book. His hashtags indicate the book undergoes some editing at the moment.
The 90 Day Fiance star mentioned the book should be available to buy online soon. But, he never gave a release date. In answer to fans who asked about it, Tom said that he’s not certain people can buy it on Amazon. It looks like he got a proper publisher, as they decide the marketing tactics. Additionally, Tom promised five “Uk locations” where he’ll do poem readings. Plus, later, fans can see him do some readings on his YouTube.

Excited fans want the book, hope he reads his poems in the USA

When fans heard that Tom plans readings at UK locations, they suggested he also reads them in places like “St. Augustine.” Tom told fans that he expects to return to the USA towards the end of this year. For now, Tom won’t reveal the type of poetry. He told fans they need to wait and read the book when it comes out. And, a surprising number of them can’t wait for it. They certainly sound excited about the upcoming book.

One 90 Day Fiance fan wrote, “I can’t wait to read your book! Congrats in everything you do @tombrooks_tv. You got the looks and your successful!❤️😘.” Tom Brooks accumulated a number of rather thirsty female fans. One teased him by requesting a “private reading.” Other people described him as “handsome” and “successful,” and they really hope the book comes out soon. Actually, it looks like Tom accumulated a ready-made buyer-base, something most people struggle with the most.

Avery, Stephanie and what critics see as philandering

ET reminded readers that Tom admitted that in his season of Before the 90 Days with Darcey, he hit on Stephanie and Ash’s Avery. Many critics slammed him for his philandering ways. But, it seems that his fan who eagerly wait for the poetry book don’t mind about that.

What do you think about 90 Day Fiance star Tom Brooks writing a poetry book? Are you excited? Will you buy one or go to a reading? Sound off in the comments below.

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