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‘Riverdale’ Star Lili Reinhart Talks Black Lives Matter On Instagram

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Riverdale star Lili Reinhart broadcasted Instagram Live conversations with two Black celebrities this week. First, she chatted with former Philadelphia Eagles player Emmanuel Acho on Wednesday, June 3. Then, she and author Frederick Joseph talked on Thursday, June 4. In these conversations, Reinhart explains why she’s refusing to stay silent during the Black Lives Matter movement.

Riverdale star Reinhart discusses the division between races with Acho

While talking to Reinhart, Acho compares the stigma around Black people to his fear of dogs. He tells viewers that he didn’t have a dog growing up. After a dog attacked him as a child, Acho has been apprehensive around dogs. He admits that even as an adult, he doesn’t always know the difference between a dangerous dog and a friendly dog.

Acho explains, “That’s the same issue in our society… White people have grown up without being around Black people.” The football star continues, “White people can’t decipher between a Black person that’s a threat and a Black person that used to play in the NFL and is actually extremely well educated.” Acho points out that this metaphor also works the other way around, as Blacks don’t always know whether a White person is afraid of Black people or supportive of them.

Reinhart and Acho define privilege

During her conversation with Acho, Riverdale star Reinhart points out that many people have been posting things that don’t involve the Black Lives Matter movement. She says that if a person is able to post something about their own life and ignore what’s going on with the movement, it means that they are privileged. Acho and Reinhart agree that it is “insensitive” to post things that don’t relate to this topic. They explain that some people can’t think about anything other than the inequality they’re facing. So, they urge social media users to be sensitive about this issue.

The Riverdale star describes her role in the Black Lives Matter movement

Reinhart tells Acho that she strives to “amplify Black voices.” She continues, “I can’t speak for you. My voice is not going to have the same impact as your voice.” She also notes that she donates what she can.

Then, on her Live with Joseph, the Riverdale star says that while she’s posting messages on Instagram to educate people, that’s not enough for her. Reinhart has been attending protests to make her voice heard. She has always felt motivated to speak about things that “light a fire” in her. Reinhart explains, “If one white person can walk away from this going, ‘Oh sh*t, I do have white privilege’… I think that’s a small success.” Additionally, she hopes to make Black voices heard by posting these broadcasts and videos with Joseph and Acho.

Joseph explains the importance of amplifying unheard voices

While discussing Black Lives Matter with Riverdale star Reinhart, Joseph points out the importance of standing up for all minorities. He says that one privileged person’s voice spreads much further than 50 minority voices. This is why he chooses to stand up for movements like this one.

He also emphasizes the importance of supporting members of the LGBTQ community. Joseph says, “How dare I criticize other people’s privilege and not use my own to defend people, right?” He says that he feels moved to stand up for all minorities.

What do you think about this Riverdale star’s efforts to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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