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Christine Brown Flaunts Weight Loss After Meri Hits The Gym

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Are Sister Wives stars Christine and Meri Brown in some weird weight loss competition? Some fans of the TLC series certainly seem to think so.

Meri Brown recently hit the gym.

As we previously reported, Meri Brown recently hit the gym. She documented her trip to work on herself via TikTok. This move came just as fans debate over whether Meri Brown is planning to leave Kody. While some suspected it had already happened because of her social media activity… Meri’s actions say otherwise.

Namely, the fact that Meri and Kody recently spent the night together. Are they rekindling their flame? Some also wondered if Kody had anything to do with her decision to hit the gym.

Christine and her sister wife don’t have the best relationship.

Now, as The Sun reminds us… Christine and Meri Brown do not have the best relationship. So, fans have a hard time looking past Christine flaunting weight loss AFTER Meri Brown hits the gym. Was it a coincidence? Or was Christine Brown trying to get one over on her sister wife?

As The Sun reminds us, Meri had a hard time accepting Christine into the family. This wasn’t true for Janelle.

Janelle’s relationship with Kody, although they loved each other, it wasn’t romantic. It was easier for me to accept. His with Christine was more romantic and he cared about her much more so I felt threatened.”

During a recent Season of the reality series, Meri shaded Christine. Meri accused Christine of not liking her and not trying to develop a relationship with her.

Christine admitted she had a hard time dealing with Meri during a confessional.

She comes in the room heavy, bringing a lot of baggage with her. I don’t know what to do with it.”

Christine flaunts new outfits on Facebook.

According to the media outlet, Christine Brown flaunted a few new LuLaRoe outfits on Facebook. These outfits included snug bottoms that hugged her frame in all the right places. Sister Wives fans that follower her on Facebook took notice. And, they called attention to how incredible the reality TV star looked. Here’s some of what they had to say:

  • “You look like you’ve lost weight!”
  • “I hear Christine is a running queen…. she is as fit as can be.”
  • “You look amazing!”

Was Christine Brown really just showing off her latest outfits for sale? Or, was she seizing an opportunity to knock Meri down? Has Christine been hitting the gym too? If she has, she sure hasn’t documented it on social media the same way Meri has!

Sister Wives fans that don’t particularly care for Kody Brown hoped the women were not losing weight just to please their husband.

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